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  1. What will the trim levels be called?

    Can't say I know which trims they'll do it on (granted there's even the option for that). Perhaps if they do a Tremor or something like that I could see roof rails as standard equipment. Any other trim would likely offer an option like that as a factory-installed accessory. :unsure::unsure::unsure:
  2. What will the trim levels be called?

    Indeed it would be! Maybe a 2.0 L EB and the twin-clutch RWD from the Bronco Sport Badlands/Focus RS would help it fit the bill.
  3. AWD Ford Maverick Prototype Caught Testing + Independent Rear Suspension

    Does anyone notice a slight lift on the AWD prototypes compared to the recent front-drive ones?
  4. What will the trim levels be called?

    Yeah, not only does it fit with the rest of the trucks in Ford's lineup, but the names also roll of the tongue well too (I especially think Maverick XL and Maverick XLT have a nice ring to it). A Maverick Grabber sounds nice. I assume you're talking about the original Mav when you suggest that?
  5. What will the trim levels be called?

    Hello all, SG here. Question: what does everyone here think Ford will call all of the trim levels for the Maverick? My guess is that they will stick to the same formula as the the Ranger and the F-150 and do XL, XLT, and Lariat. Maybe King Ranch for like a top trim (just guessing...)? Either...
  6. What will be the make or break specs for you on the Maverick?

    The only things I would expect from the Maverick is: -If the Maverick has the performance and capability to match its looks -If Ford doesn't half-build the truck (like make it feel really cheap inside because of the expected low price) -Reasonable towing/payload capability
  7. Ford Maverick Pickup Truck Renderings / Photoshop

    I think this rendering is the most accurate one yet. Great work! -SG
  8. Power Train Guesses?

    I think Ford will put a 1.5L inline-3 and a 2.0L inline-4 in the Maverick like the Bronco Sport. We already know there's going to be a hybrid, likely the 2.5 from the Escape. If they're going to have any chance of building a sub-20K pickup, a turbocharged engine will not do it. So probably a NA...
  9. Junk in the trunk?

    Ford probably won't do the in-bed trunk. Remember those spy shots of the Maverick's undercarriage? There was a spare tire underneath the truck, and with that in the way Ford can't put a compartment back there.
  10. Ford Maverick Unibody Fully Revealed!

    It would make sense for Ford to offer the onboard generator on the Maverick. I mean, we already know there's going to be a hybrid model, so I can believe this theory.
  11. Spied: Ford Maverick Interior First Look

    Me too. A two-door (and manual) version of everything is always good. One thing I just now noticed: If you look at the pictures with the bit of the tailgate uncovered, I see a color that appears to look like Area 51. Could this mean that the Maverick will get Area 51 as a color? Or is it just...
  12. 2022 Ford Maverick Pickup Truck leaked look from Hermosillo factory!

    This truck looks so good! Can't wait to see the whole thing.