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  1. AWD Ford Maverick Prototype Caught Testing + Independent Rear Suspension

    I do like the ability to have the AWD as an option, since I personally would like the AWD so that I can go into the desert and tackle mild trails.
  2. More accurate Ford Maverick pickup rendering based off factory leaked pic

    I like the new rendering, but one thing to point out is that the fenders are more flared out on the factory spy shot than the rendering. Either way, I am liking the design of it a bit more than before.
  3. What will $25K USD buy?

    My humble opinion is that $25k should get either an AWD 1.5L or a FWD 2.0L model where they are likely middle of the road in terms of trims and features. I currently use a 2007 Tacoma work truck which is all I really need, but my father wants the Maverick to take over for it and I will then buy...
  4. Power Train Guesses?

    This is most likely the case. This truck will not likely be able to tow much. To be honest, I'm not too concerned about towing with this truck. As long as it can tow about 3-4k pounds with the 2.0, that should suffice.