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  1. FYI, Blackout while driving

    2023 XLT Eco,, Getting on freeway everything goes black for about a minute. Drove fine just dash and touch screen totally black. That is all, carry on.
  2. Free 2023 Maverick

    Watch for flashing red and blue lights in your rear view mirror since your driving a stolen vehicle.:eek:;)
  3. Highest 2024MY VIN Tracker

    Maybe a sign of a return to normalcy,,,, what ever that is. Anyone here know how many Rangers have been ordered for My 24, it was a slow start and i wonder if it is still dismal.
  4. Highest 2024MY VIN Tracker

    So only 32,000 new orders ? That would be shocking if true.
  5. Highest 2024MY VIN Tracker

    So are we assuming that the unscheduled MY23 number is included in the 52,000 new MY 24 number ?
  6. Highest 2024MY VIN Tracker

    So do we know how many MY 23 that didn't get built ?
  7. Reports from a salesperson (low order numbers for 2024 Maverick)

    So what's the inside scoop Tim,,, how many orders so far nation wide ?
  8. After 35k miles review

    Who cares about your stinkin truck,,, Tell me about the Jon Boat and the ramp you are at !:D
  9. 📬 7/13/23 Scheduling Email Received Group [EMAILS NOW ARRIVING]

    Your chances are good,,,, ,remove any constrained items you can do after, that is big.
  10. 📬 7/13/23 Scheduling Email Received Group [EMAILS NOW ARRIVING]

    Make sure he understands about your price protection/rebate or whatever they are calling it
  11. July Used Car Prices, Dr. Suess, Kangaroos, And Camrys

    Well there's 2 minutes of my life wasted.
  12. $1000 OFF MSRP on 2024 Maverick Truck Orders - Granger Ford

    I think you will see some good rebates on Rangers by Christmas,,,, not selling very well.