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  1. Random Idle surge

    I've experienced this twice now, both times in exact same scenario: I start up a cold truck, drive maybe two blocks and get stopped at a light, and while waiting for light to change, I get that odd surging. Light changes and I go about my business and it doesn't happen again anywhere on my...
  2. Nermal has arrived!!!!

    Love the name! Congrats!
  3. Maverick Pickup Diecast Model ?

    Stumbled upon this on etsy, if anybody's desperate for one and doesn't mind the price tag...
  4. Can Any Owner Tell Me: Can You Crawl Under The Front End Without Jacking The Vehicle?

    This is one of those things where it pays to have a really trusted neighborhood mechanic. No way in hell I'm taking my car to the dealer for an oil change, and I'm way past the age of crawling under to do it myself. (Plus my neighborhood guy is awesome and his business has a terrific name...
  5. How to add the new Firmware update to your Maverick

    Just as a data point, I did the update yesterday, when it completed both the download and the install, I shut the truck down and left it. When I started it up this morning, I immediately got an audible "Update Complete" on my system. So all good, it didn't require a full reset or anything like...
  6. New Radio Software Update G2.1.0.1_R22362A

    I'm sitting in my driveway right now, download done, install nearly finished, first real update on my Mav, whole process maybe 15 minutes. I have gig speed internet, practically on top of it.
  7. Sweeping Bed

    Just fyi, I'll add that lots of leaf blower brands offer a "stubby" attachment for this very purpose, shortens the neck of the blower, makes it easier to handle around the vehicle, in the bed, etc.
  8. OMG, Textra has a Hot Pepper Red gif!

    Messages won't keep reminding me of a text, as in dinging at me every minute or so for a prescribed period of time, like Textra does. That's the primary thing that keeps me at Textra. I'm often busy with my phone in my pocket and like the extra dings.
  9. OMG, Textra has a Hot Pepper Red gif!

    Not that Im aware of, nope.
  10. OMG, Textra has a Hot Pepper Red gif!

    Textra is a messaging app for Android phones. If you don't want to use Androids stock app
  11. OMG, Textra has a Hot Pepper Red gif!

    Hey, thanks, I learned something today, awesome!
  12. OMG, Textra has a Hot Pepper Red gif!

    Was texting a friend using Textra and telling her about my truck, went to gifs expecting to find some dorky little truck gif, searched for "pickup truck" and couldnt believe my eyes when a gif of a Hot Pepper Red truck - like MY truck - came up! Had to do a double, triple take to make sure my...
  13. 🙋‍♂️ What did you do TO / WITH your Maverick today?

    My first time really hauling anything in the bed after a month of ownership. I don't think I overtaxed the system, but I'm past the 1000 mile break-in, so maybe it'll be okay? 😆 A $5 collapsible rack from my local Habitat Restore.
  14. Interior protectant?

    I use 303 for just such a thing. I try to remember to wipe it down the inside about every other wash, but I also pull it out if I see such scuffs or marks. Does the trick every time.
  15. Any Interest in a North Alabama/TN/etc Meet Up?

    Good morning, trying to see if there's any/enough interest in a North Alabama meetup, which could easily include Tennessee folks, maybe even parts of north Georgia and Mississippi? I know there's quite a few on here from North Alabama/Southern Tennessee area. Any interest, and if so any good...
  16. Saw an interesting vehicle today.

    If my Mav didn't get built, I might have seriously looked at one of those, they're pretty available used where I live, for reasonable cost. Not a hybrid, of course, but an old school solid trucklette. I pass more of those where I live than I pass Mavs!
  17. Dash rattle

    Just as a data point on this theory: I never had a dash rattle until moments after my windshield took a big rock hit close to the bottom of the windshield. Had a friend riding with me when the rock struck, we pulled over for a moment, started driving again and here comes the rattle. Chip was...
  18. Tailgate Assist Update

    Mine failed at about a month in, contacted DeeZee to no avail, could have repaired myself but just decided in the end it wasn't worth the trouble. Tailgate is so light anyway, and I'd rather have that tie down back.
  19. Turtle Wax Ceramic Spray Coating- pretty impressive

    I took the same issue with it, streaks and insane amount of buffing required. Went back to my Meguiars.