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  1. Gas weighs under 6.5lbs..... cannonball!

    "Cannonball Run Sea to Shing Sea?" You do know that Maui is an island, don't you? :ROFLMAO:

    IF YOU CAN GET ONE!!!!!!!! 🙄
  3. How to add the new Firmware update to your Maverick

    Great video! I am of the "If it is working, don't mess with it", school of thought. Why would I want to update the firmware? What benefits would I see, if i did? Thanks!
  4. ALTO BLUE Maverick Club

    Love my Alto Blue! Though it does look black to me,LOL!:oops:
  5. Observations

    "Every time an owner complains, a Maverick gets it's recall!" ;)
  6. FYI, Blackout while driving

    The "stealth mode" option came standard with the Area 51 paint!
  7. LASFIT A Fantastic Company To Buy Products From

    Soooo, as long as they keep replacing them, selling an inferior product from China is ok?
  8. I need some help from my fellow Maverick owners

    Maybe start checking junkyards, for an undamaged part?
  9. So in looking to gwt another maverick

    Bizarro Superman, him like too much!
  10. For my illinois maverick family.. will start at jamies outpost

    I think OP meant STARVED ROCK.
  11. UAW cites progress with Ford

    I think the col in Hawaii is a tad higher than in Ohio.
  12. Is this normal on Hybrid?

    "Looks infected to me."
  13. Order shipped estimate delivery 1989?

    You're gonna need one helluva extended warranty plan!
  14. A good glue to bond metal to plastic?

    " so that Dean Martin and I can CRUISE CHICKS. " Dino, and the rest of the Rat Pack called them BROADS!
  15. If Tom Cruise offered to autograph your Maverick where is the best spot on the interior?

    THIS is why modern science has given up searching for intelligent life on earth and is concentrating on outer space!!!
  16. PSA: I don't want to scare you, but...

    Sounds like a blown flux capacitor, for sure! 🙄
  17. If You Post - Expect All Types Of Responses

    "That which does not kill us, makes us stronger"
  18. Help Finding Part Number for Passenger Side Glass on '22 Hybrid Lariat

    Is your thread title referring to the passenger side glass WINDOW or just the MIRROR? :unsure:
  19. Shady Dealership in Terrell, TX - Platinum Ford

    As an owner/manager of a few businesses, I learned early on that customer conflicts were best resolved by using empathy. The CARDINAL rule was to NEVER make it personal! It was just business. It sounds like this GM violated that rule. Just my 2 cents.