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  1. Wheels similar to the Method MR701

    Looking for some rims similar to the MR701 when I decide to get the Maverick. Any alternatives to the MR701?
  2. Snorkels for Mavericks

    I wonder if it's possible to make a snorkel for usage on the Maverick. Why aren't there Maverick snorkel kits? Should they make snorkel kits for the Maverick?
  3. FITS USB plugs for the dashboard cubby.

    I saw somewhere that a person made some USB plugs using the FITS kit for use with the dashboard cubby. Are there files I can use in the future so I can also do this?
  4. Gary DeMasi's 1985 Ranger

    I wonder how he managed to convert his 1985 Ranger GT50 into a Supercab from a single cab, and I also wonder how he shortened the bed of the Ranger. How did he manage to do these two things?
  5. Cab protectors

    Looking for a cab protector when I make my Maverick work truck. For those with a cab protector on your Maverick, what is your advice on adding a cab protector to the Maverick?
  6. What do YOU think the 2025 Maverick facelift will look like?

    I'm wondering about the 2025 Maverick facelift and what new things it'll bring to the table in terms of power, the exterior, interior, etc. What do YOU think the 2025 Maverick will bring to the table?
  7. Painted calipers

    Wondering if anybody here on the Forums have painted their calipers and how they managed to do it. For those who have painted their Maverick's calipers is it REALLY worth doing so?
  8. Running boards on Mavericks

    I wonder about what people think about running boards on the Maverick. From what I've seen, people have mostly negative opinions on adding running boards on Mavericks. I wanted to see opinions on them from more people. So what are your opinions on adding running boards on Mavericks?
  9. Burger discussion thread

    This thread is for discussion about burgers, as the title says.
  10. Wheels similar to the Ford F-150 XL rims

    I like the look of the F-150 XL rims but I can't put them on the Maverick because the F-150 has a different lug pattern. Are there rims that look like the F-150 rims that I can put on the Maverick when I get one?
  11. 5 lug to 6 lug wheel adapters

    I want to apply the Ford F-150 XL's wheels onto the Maverick XL if I want one but I don't know if it voids the warranty, OR if there are any wheel adapters I can use. Am I allowed to use wheel adapters even though it can void the warranty?
  12. What happened to Tremor Red?

    I'm honestly not sure why Ford decided to phase out Tremor Red with the release of the Maverick and F-150 Tremor as well as the F-250 Tremor, but I think Tremor Red is better than Tremor Orange. So why didn't Ford use Tremor Red For the Maverick?
  13. Maverick XLT FX4 Overlanding Build -- my parts recommendation list

    I decided it was time for me to make a camping and overlanding build, so here are the parts you need if you want to do some overlanding. Based on the 2022, 2023, and 2024 Maverick XLT FX4 in Hot Pepper Red, Cactus Gray, or Shadow Black. You can choose any of the 3 colors for this build. 1. Add...
  14. Ford Maverick ST concept build

    Even though my family doesn't own a Maverick, I was wondering if someone would make a Maverick ST build, so I decided to come up with the parts. This build will be based on the XLT EcoBoost. -1. Replace the stock brakes with Brembo brakes. (Make sure the calipers are red!) -2. Make the plactic...
  15. Yakima Lock n Load for the Ford Maverick?

    I have been recently wondering about the Yakima Lock n Load being used on the Ford Maverick for about a few weeks now. I don't have a Maverick (And I can't drive a car yet,) but what do YOU think about the Yakima Lock n Load on the Maverick?
  16. Ford Maverick vs. Honda Pilot

    Since my mom currently owns a 2016 Honda Pilot, I have been wondering about the Ford Maverick being a replacement for our Honda Pilot that has just turned 6 last month, and I wanted it to compare a '16 Honda Pilot against the Ford Maverick.