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  1. Country of manufacturer [LOCKED DUE TO POLITICS]

    So, should companies like Ford, GM etc. state clearly where their particular vehicles are being produced? Most of use know where our Mavericks were made in Mexico, the country of manufacture is important to some of us.
  2. 1970 BOSS 302 Maverick

    August 1969 Motor Trend article: Maverick V-8 On The Loose Apparently a So Cal Ford dealer, Chuck Foulger decided to drop a BOSS 302 in a innocent looking Maverick. What could have been…….. Probably with a little tuning and some TIRES, it would have embarrassed many a muscle car! Low 14’s from...
  3. Carbingo offer $$

    Well CarBingo (really nice) just offered me $32,500 for my $28,800 850 mile FX4 CG and I told them thanks but no thanks. Not sure what this next year will bring, some predictions sound pretty grim. Right now its a spare but a well liked spare and the dog really likes it;) I see some selling for...
  4. Disappointed no Engine Oil Cooler included

    Anyone disappointed that Ford chose not to include an engine oil cooler on the 2.0EB? My wife’s 19 2.0 Escape doesn’t have one either. Most turbo 4 cylinders I have worked on have them. Wish mine had one, I believe the Edge with a 2.0 does.
  5. Auto door locks

    I have a strange problem with my FX4. If I pull up to my gate and get out, close the door with the engine running my drivers door automatically locks 😳 Sure glad to have the key pad, it’s been a lifesaver. Anyway, anyone experienced this? Maybe I’m fat fingering the door lock button when...
  6. So how many have you seen on the road?

    So, how many Mavericks have you actually seen on the road in the last year or so? I bet I have see no more than 6-8 in the San Antonio area, kinda surprises me.
  7. Who has no rust issues?

    So, for those of you who have checked for rust under your new Maverick; Who has not found any signs of rust or corrosion and who has found a reasonable coat of primer/paint applied. Kinda sad to see so many negative/concerned members on here with legitimate concerns. My little ute is fine, I do...
  8. Just wondering, does anyone know what the # 1 color is? After Cactus Gray

    Just wondering, does anyone know what the # 1 color is? After Cactus Gray;)
  9. $750.00 Exclusive Cash Reward denied on my 12/8/22 order Cactus Gray FX4.

    What can I say, I am very happy about getting my new Ute :) 5/4/22. Still just days old for me so driving/ownership impressions will have to wait a little while. One thing I do not like, my $750 Cash Reward that says, "Expires 4/4/22 see details inside" would not go through! :mad: The fine print...