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  1. Functional Air Duct

    With folk installing mods like the Velossa Tech air scoop, I've been examining things a little closer and can't help but scratch my head a bit. I may very well be missing something here but, especially with the top portion of the grill being blocked off and the radiator shroud being where it is...
  2. Anyone have a sound clip w/o muffler?

    When someone finally makes a 3" catback for the Maverick that's hush-hush on decibels and/or successfully just adds a little bit of pleasant grunt without the drone and obnoxious pitch while on the throttle, please let me know. Otherwise I can't bring myself to upgrade anything past the...
  3. Here's my Tremor, Let's see yours

    Congrats and welcome 👍 I love mine as well
  4. Intercoolers are IN stock and available NOW from Fast Mavericks

    Afraid not. I'm a Southern Appalachia boy. If I was over in California, I'd have already handed my Tremor to Ivan for testing.
  5. In what ways has your Maverick EXCEEDED expectations?

    Comfortable and nice riding. Wife is prone to getting car sick but she rarely gets sick in the Tremor. It also handles a good deal better than I expected it to. Living in a mountain region with bends everywhere, I can throw it through some pretty heavy cornering with no issue. Corrects very...
  6. Intercoolers are IN stock and available NOW from Fast Mavericks

    Still waiting to see if/when a Tremor compatible intercooler goes on offer, unfortunately.
  7. Full 3" air intake makes... NO GAIN!

    I wouldn't. The Ecoboost's factory intake (like more and more intakes on performance-oriented and turbocharged/supercharged applications) is actually quite solid. I'm absolutely for anyone who wants to mod their intake (I've modified the intake of pretty much every vehicle I've owned) but, on...
  8. 📣 2024 Maverick ordering & changes info! Price increases, new Terrain & Azure Gray colors, product changes, etc.

    Guess I'll just be waiting to see if they ever bother to offer an AWD hybrid for my wife. Maybe when the refresh year rolls around. 🤷‍♂️ Till then we'll just enjoy my Tremor.
  9. Why Is The Maverick So Cool? My Take.

    There's something that's simply special about the Maverick. Of the vehicles I've owned, it's one of only two where, before I hop in or I walk away, I can't help but just stop and stare at it. I'm sure my neighbor's ring camera has caught me an absurd number of times just gawking at my own truck...
  10. To the tremors owners

    I'm another pass on the whole moving up argument. My Tremor has most everything I'm looking for in a vehicle. It's quick, quite nimble for its size, compact, offers a comfortable ride, capable of tackling pretty much all road/terrain/weather types I personally see, lets me haul what I need to...
  11. Great Water Spot Remover

  12. To the tremors owners

    Looking at how yours is equipped, I'd say so. Paid $32k for my XLT Tremor (no appearance/luxury package) and I love every time I take a drive. Love just looking at the thing, really. Really the only thing I personally don't find worth the money on that build is the appearance package but that's...
  13. I Found A Better, More Convenient Place To Mount Cell Phone Besides Cubby

    To be fair, even when I'm using Android Auto, there are times where the dash screen doesn't do something I want/need it to do. With the music app I use, for example, if I'm listening to a playlist, the screen only lets me switch to the next or previous song on the list. If I wanted to jump down...
  14. Great Water Spot Remover

    Owning a shadow black Tremor and living in a climate that sees a lot of rain, hard water spots can be a real pain in the ass. Today, as I was toweling off the truck after a wash, I tried the bottle of Boat Bling Hot Sauce that I'd recently received. Truck had a lot of spots all over the place...
  15. What essential staple items do you keep in your Maverick?

    Jumper cables, straps, mini shovel, flashlight, gas can, spare oil, antifreeze, sealant, compressor, knife, tool kit, BLS kit, blanket, bottled water.
  16. Tremor and Hybrid

    I really dig that alto blue color
  17. Tremor and Hybrid

    Stopped for a late night snack. When I came outta Circle K, saw this nice blue hybrid pulled up next to my Tremor. 👍
  18. Can I expect 10 years of reliable service from 2.0 EB Maverick?

    I ran the last vehicle I purchased (used) for well over a decade and it was still running like a champ. I only sold it due to life circumstances changing. I plan on treating my Tremor with the same love and care as I'm accustomed to providing and keeping this truck going for many many years to come.
  19. Redd's Panda Power Module Install & Review (2.0L EcoBoost Tune)

    The former. The ECU itself isn't touched.