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  1. Side Curtain airbags recall-2nd time was a charm!

    I've been waiting 4 months now for my dealer to get the parts. They keep saying they haven't shown up and will call when they do. Have tempted to call a different dealer and see how long for them to get parts. Only problem with that is they are 3-4 hours away.
  2. How many of you ordered a Maverick without even test driving it?

    I never even saw one in person before I went to go pick mine up
  3. Nevada OEM splash guards

  4. How to remove hood lever so you can remove the trim panel behind it?

    There is a grommet through the firewall that is perfect to run stuff to the engine bay. That's what I did for my boost gauge. I can get you some pictures in a few.
  5. Nevada Sold: OEM splash guards

    Brand new unused splash guards front and back set. I'm asking 80 for both plus shipping
  6. Boost Gauge

    Ive added a boost guage, need to change the location of it as its kind of hard to see it where its at.
  7. License plate mount - don’t drill your Maverick (tow hook models)

    Does this only work with the fx4 m9dels with tow hooks, if not where does it mount up at?

    I can see putting them on just for the protection from rocks chips. Heck even the chevy HHR had side steps, were they needed? No but protected the rear door from rock chips and made cleaning the roof convenient. Here is a picture of my driver's side rear door on the leading edge
  9. Redline Tuning Quick-lift hood supports for the Maverick is planned

    99.95 plus shipping. Comes to 110 total ish.
  10. Redline Tuning Quick-lift hood supports for the Maverick is planned

    I just installed these today, took just a few minutes.
  11. How screwed (or not) am I?

    That exactly what happened with me. Go into order and the sales guy told me I get xplan because of the company I work for. No deposit just me signing my order sheet and everything went smooth once it came in.
  12. Detail day

    Now that I had some good weather I got the truck all cleaned up and ceramic coated.
  13. Exterior black plastic panels fading from sunlight?

    About 4k miles on it. All the plastics looked like this. Figured I would take a picture to show how bad it was this last weekend during my detail day.
  14. Boost Gauge?

    Ignition was just in the on position, motor not running, to get the light to pop on. While running its more around 15 ish, also this is an older gauge that I've used to test fit stuff so it's a little off. It'll get a new gauge here soon.
  15. That awkward cubbie next to the infotainment screen

    I put in a boost gauge. The cubby mount is from r3dcustoms.com
  16. Boost Gauge?

    Here's an updated mount installed as well. It's from r3dcustoms.com, they have two available. Only downside with this one is the mount isn't angled at all so not the best to see while driving.
  17. Boost Gauge?

    It's on the passenger side, goes into the intake manifold. R3dcustoms I believe is selling a kit to do it.
  18. Boost Gauge?

    I've since added a different mount from r3dcustoms.com. Still need to tweak it as it sits really flat and not angled to the driver so it's hard to see.
  19. Nevada Sold: XL Maverick for sale

    $27000 Hate to sell it as I love this truck but job change is requiring the sale. XL AWD and Tow package with 3500 miles currently, tinted windows 5% rear windows and 20% front 2 and a glare strip on the windshield, added a bed cubby as well and a boost gauge in the cubby by the radio, other...