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  1. Ford Hard Roll-Up Cover Defect

    I have the same problem. I’d like to just remove it since it doesn’t seem to have any purpose, or does it? Has anyone done that?
  2. Trailer Harness Replacement Report

    Got it back this afternoon. All appeared well. Haven’t checked to see if it works yet but since the dealership also sells RVs I assume they were able to check it. The work order shows 11 hrs labor.
  3. Trailer Harness Replacement Report

    I just took mine in today for the recall. Parts were ordered about two weeks ago. Dealer said it’s a one day job. We‘ll see. I will report on the results when I get it back. Hope it’s positive.
  4. Thieving dealers called out on the news

    LABNNA 4PCS Car Door Handle Scratch Protectors, Carbon Fiber Car Door Handle Paint Scratch Protector Sticker Universal Auto Door Paint Guard Car Door Cup Scratch Protection Films (L)
  5. Thieving dealers called out on the news

    Yep, a lotta guys went for the extension. Not me, I only had two months left after Nam. Back on subject, I put these door handle protectors on my Maverick to avoid fingernail scratches. Got them from Amazon.
  6. Thieving dealers called out on the news

    That dealer maxed out my BS meter, may have even broken it.
  7. What MPG are owners getting with 2.0L EcoBoost AWD 4K Tow?

    I have the 23 Lariat lux fx4, 4k with 3000 miles. So far the best I’ve gotten is 22 according to the vehicle computer. Most of my driving is short trips, lots of stop and go city driving. Hoping for better. I drive like an old man which I am.
  8. Any current owners thinking of placing a 2024 order?

    I’m happy with mine, not gonna order another till they offer cooled seats. Nice to have in Az.
  9. My 2023 Lariat is missing my sunroof and my adaptive cruise control. It took eighteen months from my deposit to the delivery in late May.

    Same thing happened to me. I got the sunroof but not the Acc which also includes the backup sensors. I added the backup sensors but nothing to be done about the Acc. Looks like my-24 it is once again included as standard on the Lariat lux package. Go figure. Also, you would think on the lariat...
  10. AVS Bugflector II Bug Shield

    looks great on the alto blue. I went with the Egr, very similar but different mounts. Got it because I wanted matte black. It seems to be holding up well and no issues in the car wash. I posted pics a while ago.
  11. Just Installed: EGR Fender Flares

    Those look great. Thanks for the photos. I installed an Egr bug shield, pretty nice, but also a pita to install.
  12. American Flag that will fit the rear sliding glass?

    Right away. Make sure it’s square with the window before sticking it on, you only get one try.
  13. Rear sensors

    Can you provide pics on the hole locations?
  14. EGR Bug deflector installed

    I noticed that too. I have left it as is and it hasn’t caused any problems. I was going to put some double sided tape on the section where the scrivets were but never got around to it.
  15. Rear sensors

    just curious. Did you have to remove the bumper to install your sensors?
  16. American Flag that will fit the rear sliding glass?

    Sorry for the crappy picture, but it. Blends in pretty good
  17. American Flag that will fit the rear sliding glass?

    I found one on amazon. It fits nicely. Only thing I didn't like was that it was made in China. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0BD4SYMZV?psc=1&ref=ppx_yo2ov_dt_b_product_details