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  1. Newest Ford special service message on Hybrid 12v Volt Battery Drain Problem

    Thank you for sharing this information with us. My hybrid Maverick is currently at the dealership awaiting a new DC to DC converter with no ETA on when the parts will be available. It's getting harder and harder to remain patient and optimistic about being a Ford Maverick owner. Luckly Florida's...
  2. Florida Eye bolts for the bed

    I put these in with blue loctite, I can't vouch for how sturdy they are but they look better than a threaded hole. I did tap the holes before installing. I'm hopeful these won't rust, it claims to be stainless. https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B06XK8168Z?psc=1&ref=ppx_pop_mob_b_asin_title
  3. Shift SYS Fault - Service Required (Hybrid CVT)

    Try a 12v battery test. Once the dealership replaced the battery under warranty, mine has been doing well with no issues since. Good luck!
  4. Geeting out of Park Issue- Hybrid

    I don't have a good answer to that other than the issue seemed to be resolved with a new battery. It may be that the 12v powers relays or modules that control that converter. It's only been a day or two and my issue may possibly come back and the 12v was not the fix. When the battery was going I...
  5. Geeting out of Park Issue- Hybrid

    I'm my case it ended up being the 12v battery. My guess is the drive mode selection is electricity actuated and a weak battery can cause this as well as many other strange issues on the hybrids.
  6. Hybrid dead... again

    Thank you very much for reaching out to try and support this. I believe the issue may be resolved (hopefully). I just posted an update to the club, explaining the fix. Again thank for for your concern, that sort of thing goes a long way for brand loyalty. Respectfully, MavRick & Morty
  7. Hybrid dead... again

    I wanted to update the club about my dead Maverick. Luckily it may just be a faulty 12v battery that was causing the intermittent gear selector issue as well as the power cycling and multiple trouble codes. I received my Maverick back after a few hours of waiting and was able to drive off...
  8. Hybrid dead... again

    Thanks for looking out, we're all in this together!!
  9. Hybrid dead... again

    Actually I must be a sucker because for some odd reason I keep trying to be optimistic about this vehicle. I'm sure it has a lot to do with getting around 45mpg for the last 7800 miles. It's different and feels special for an inexpensive vehicle. In my area I don't think I've seen another...
  10. Hybrid dead... again

    Good to know thanks! We tried that with the hybrid battery cable issue with no luck. Otherwise it's a good thing to know about (purchased a lithium jump pack a while back)
  11. Hybrid dead... again

    I'm surprised there's a cable there because the parking brake is actuated electronically (via a small dc motor on the rear calipers). I never bothered to look for a release. Apparently the non hybrid Maverick can disengage from park to neutral by exposing a release mechanism in a similar...
  12. Hybrid dead... again

    Sorry I should've been more specific, it was parked front in and needed to be dragged a good way to get it aligned to the tow truck in a parking lot. Other vehicles can manually be put into neutral to roll them. I'm not very familiar with this system, but it appears to be shift locked...
  13. Hybrid dead... again

    Thank you very much!
  14. Hybrid dead... again

    I haven't even made it to 10k miles yet and my hybrid Maverick is getting towed back to the dealership... again. The first time was the hybrid battery connection, not sure what is happening now. I went to the park this weekend and when I selected D for drive nothing happened and I got a shift...
  15. Shift SYS Fault - Service Required (Hybrid CVT)

    Looks like I'm having the same issue with mine. Luckily turning off and on again clears it (for now) not looking forward to more weeks with the maverick at the dealership, may be selling when warranty expires. Ford quality is really bad, this vehicle gets great mpg, but not very reliable.
  16. Hybrid Harness TSB 22-2340 (no crank / no start) with impacted dates: Mavericks built on or Before May 13, 2022

    I think I'm the latest victim of this issue. Luckily I made it into work but noticed the doors would not lock when I used the key fob. It's as if the battery is disconnected on a traditional car, no lights, no power to anything. I tried disconnecting the 12v battery thinking maybe it would help...
  17. Tailgate cable (one loose one tight)

    I noticed that when I drop the tailgate, one cable has tension and the other is loose. When I carry large items I have to drop the tailgate (or just sitting on it) and this puts all the stress on only the passenger side cable. I took it to Kelly Ford in Melbourne Fl and they tell me both cables...
  18. 150 miles @ 75 mph, 29 mpg. No bueno.

    I noticed a significant difference in mpg on the highway as well (Florida I95 70mph+). I normally just drive to and from work and have been putting it in eco mode because I like the way it slows down when you lift off the throttle. I'm averaging over 50mpg in town for the past 1000+ miles (see...
  19. Maverick Hybrid brake system grabbing and/or rough engagement at low speeds

    Funny, I just picked up my hybrid last weekend. I love the MPG, but at low speeds, when nearing a stop I notice a strong jerk like somebody pulled the parking brake in the last foot or so before coming to a complete stop. I assume is has something to do with the hybrid system, but it feels...