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  1. Best Forscan scanner?

    Yeah, I wouldn't bother with the cheapie ones that require physically switching between MS-/HS-CAN. Maybe back when the only option was the OBDLink, but the vlinker is only ~$30.
  2. 23E09 Reprogram powertrain control module?

    If it's been built since March possible it could be caught under the engine fire recall which also has no remedy at this time.
  3. 2023 Maverick Emissions Recall 23E09 (Air/Fuel Enrichment Calibration) - New Vehicle Delivery Hold

    It's in part just regulatory necessity--can't sell a new vehicle with an open recall--but there is a small possibility it could be one of the 2023's on hold for the engine recall already.
  4. Fuel door ?

    Most vehicles do test the evap/fuel tank for leaks by reducing pressure below ambient (often by using engine vacuum, as mentioned). Waiting for the fuel to naturally increase the pressure would take too long and require calculating/assuming extra variables to make for a good on demand test.
  5. Fuel door ?

    Yes, yes, we've all heard that dumb country song. You fantasize about shooting looters, got it.
  6. Maverick Raptor Style Grille w/Color-Matched FORD Lettering

    Have you added hood struts? The easiest solution is adding a Jeep hood spring.
  7. rear view camera wiring

    Those ones looks correct. Strangely White w/ Orange and Blue w/ Orange don't appear to actually correspond on both halves of the connection? I suspect that may be an error in the diagram (not the first I've encountered in the version of the manual I have access to); Blue /w orange is part of...
  8. UAW expands strike…Ford safe…for now

    And a Tesla battery has 4,000-7000+ cells.
  9. Beware of who you bring your vehicle to

    If it was financed that may not have been an option. The insurance company is obligated to make the lienholder whole first and the owner may not be able to retain if the settlement amount after salvage cost is less than the outstanding payoff.
  10. 2023 Maverick Emissions Recall 23E09 (Air/Fuel Enrichment Calibration) - New Vehicle Delivery Hold

    Yeah, it's kind of weird it shows up as no remedy available but then has a service action described without anything that suggests they need to develop that updated PCM strategy. It doesn't appear to show up on NHTSA yet that usually gives more insight.
  11. Really tell me the truth about the production of 2024 Lariat Maverick

    But, of course, by virtue of being a high volume dealer they likely have more orders as well. It kind of gives you an advantage if your configuration is a highly buildable one (a Lariat EcoBoost without any particularly constrained options probably has good odds), but otherwise as long as you...
  12. UAW expands strike…Ford safe…for now

    Wind and solar farms going up all over the place here.
  13. Beware of who you bring your vehicle to

    Which means they started teardown, entered the supplement for discovering the additional repairs required past the initial estimate, and the costs enclosed pushed it closed enough for the insurance to declare it totaled.
  14. UAW expands strike…Ford safe…for now

    Reread the second to last paragraph.
  15. Location of tail light Fuse

    'Right/Left Enhanced Exterior Lighting' is just the high beams which are one of the few lights with their own fuses.
  16. Location of tail light Fuse

    There is no discrete fuse for the rear taillamps and much of the lighting for that matter. The BCM monitors the current draw of the circuit and disables it via transistor switch if it determines there's an overdraw. Edit: I see you've been flat towing. I'd guess it may be something with the...
  17. UAW expands strike…Ford safe…for now

    EVs still require assembly. They don't pop into this world entirely whole from the plane of woke environmentalism.
  18. Beware of who you bring your vehicle to

    Especially since by being totalled it's going to a Copart yard to salvage auction instead of paying them to fix it.
  19. UAW expands strike…Ford safe…for now

    That's total compensation so including healthcare, stocks, pension or 401k matching, etc. The actual payable number is more like $28/hr.
  20. 2023 Maverick Emissions Recall 23E09 (Air/Fuel Enrichment Calibration) - New Vehicle Delivery Hold

    Maybe a few small '23MYs who were unlucky enough to already be on hold from the Engine Fire recall. Yes. There's only a few localities that require recalls be completed before they can be sold as used. I suppose CA and Mass. might also apply here given the note about emissions recalls being...