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  1. Hybrid vs Eco for mostly highway driving.

    Get the Hybrid for mostly Highway driving. I have the EcoBoost and I’m averaging around 35-37 on Highway and 32-33 in town driving. I’m pleased with my results. The Hybrid will get you 10 additional mpg.
  2. Instead of all the complaining....how about IT'S ONE HELL OF A SMALL TRUCK thread!

    HERE, HERE! You said it man!! No matter what people get, there is AWALYS the Put Downers and Complainer!!! I’m the same as you - I absolutely love this truck and it has exceeded all my expectations!! If it wasn’t for the entry level price, then I wouldn’t have a truck!! For God’s sake - a Ford...
  3. Are you paying Added Dealer Markup (ADM) on your Maverick?

    That is exactly why there are Large ADM Fee's that everyone is fussing about and posting SCUM DEALER post. As long as customers (like Angry Hippo) go into these dealers and pay 20-50% more that MSRP. Then they are ONLY FEEDING the dealer greed. DUN4791 is RIGHT - "Impatience is expensive" - pay...
  4. Are you paying Added Dealer Markup (ADM) on your Maverick?

    Paid 2021 Price with 4% under invoice. NO ADM or Markups. Only increase was the Dealer Fee increased $27 to $422.00. Honest Dealer and Great Transaction - Highly Recommended.

    NICE TITLE!!!! Could have used something other than that!!!!! :mad:
  6. Question for those that did not pay a deposit

    Mine was a Very Smooth process and "Not Once" did I ever consider my dealer selling my truck out from under me with no deposit. The "biggest secure" I have found is you "NEED" to get your dealer to sign (not just your salesperson, but the dealer GM) your DORA when you first start the order...
  7. Virginia Roll Call

    Picked up "The Never" XLT, EB, FWD, CGM on 3/4. Really love and enjoy this truck and very pleased with my purchase. Currently getting 30 mpg back a forth to work in Blacksburg. Live in the NRV area, so if anyone wants to come see and take a Gander, I would be happy to show off my new ride.
  8. Anyone Disappointed With Their Maverick? If so, why?

    Always looking for the Negatives! ?????????????????????????
  9. Really Low Tow Rating for non 4K

    If you don't need towing, then why pay the extra - If you want more towing - then get the AWD/4K Tow - If you need more towing, then buy a big A** truck and tow to your hearts desire. Simple as that - QUIT complaining what the Maverick don't do/have and realize what a GREAT AFFORDABLE TRUCK it is!!
  10. Maverick 2.0 Mileage Tested

    This is what happens when you use BP Premium Gas in a Ecoboost. Was getting 26 mpg city driving, then used BP Premium Gas and immediately the mpg jumped to 30 mpg and climbs more every trip.
  11. Fuel economy at 80-85 mph

    If your driving that fast, then you don't need to worry about MPG - You need to worry about life insurance.
  12. Seats uncomfortable?

    I'm 6'-0" and wife is 5'-10" and we find No Issues with the XLT seats. We have took several 3-4 hour trips and a seat complaint has never crossed our minds.
  13. What do you like LEAST about the Maverick?

    All the whiny people wanting a FORD Raptor type truck in a Ford Maverick $19,995 price range.
  14. Chapman Ford Price Protection - any recent Chapman purchases care to chime in?

    Yes - Chapman held to the original 2021 MSRP / Invoice quoted price and still gave the 4% below invoice on my deal. I believe, I read another post where the Price Protection is based on the order date and last DORA submitted to guarantee the protection. My deal could have been based on that I...
  15. Chapman Ford Price Protection - any recent Chapman purchases care to chime in?

    I just closed a deal with Chapman of Horsham last week and they held to the original July 2021 agreement on pricing - No price increases, No ADM fees, same as quoted when ordered. They took the MSRP price and subtracted the difference between the MSRP/Invoice, then took that number and...
  16. 98 Mavericks with Chapman Ford

    My XLT, FWD, EB, w/ Lux, Rear Sliding, Floor liners was $25,700 out the door.
  17. Bed “drainage”

    The Maverick has bed drainage - How do I know, because They Drilled through my bed and hit my fuel tank in all six spots!
  18. Let's Hear it for VA!!! Whose ordered, what are you seeing?

    In New River Valley area in Virginia - Ordered a XLT, EB, FWD, Lux, Rear Sliding Window and Floor Liners, CGM. For me - this was the best setup for the Maverick - not enough snow in my area for AWD (wife has a AWD Subaru Forester) and the Lariat package is Too Much unused stuff for me (and...