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    I used the private offer along with my A plan.
  2. 13 Month Wait Is Over

    I have an area 51 FX4 due any day . Originally ordered 11-09-21
  3. Private offer snafu at Granger Motors

    Imy original order was the same exact date. My truck has shipped and will be here soon. Having trouble getting my private offer certificate also . Dealer hasn't been much help
  4. My truck is finally on it's way, but it doesn't look like my Private Offer is.

    Let m know how it works out. Having the same problem in Ohio
  5. 2022-2023 private rollover offer doesn't apply to A-plan purchases?

    You are right. Dealer doesn't seem very helpful either
  6. 2022-2023 private rollover offer doesn't apply to A-plan purchases?

    Thank you for that information. I passed it on to my salesman but he keeps insisting that he cannot do anything if it doesn't show in Smart Vincent
  7. 2022-2023 private rollover offer doesn't apply to A-plan purchases?

    I'm trying to get the info to give to my dealer. Doesn't seem real helpful
  8. 2022-2023 private rollover offer doesn't apply to A-plan purchases?

    Maverick has been built and shipped. Dealer tells me that I do not qualify for the private rollover offer because I am an A planner. Is this true? Thanks for any help
  9. Getting built this week! Received my window sticker fruday! Ordered, confirmed September 21, 2021. Moved to a 2023.

    Congratulations. Mine getting built this week also. I'm also a rollover from Nov. 21 Ecoboost
  10. Order tracking site is messed up!

    Same here but my XLT showing XL but sticker is correct. Also had the enter correct order code as see on here
  11. 📬 12/1/22 Scheduling Email Received Group [EMAILS NOW ARRIVING!]

    11-09-21 original order. Rolled over 9-16-22 Ecoboost FX4 XLT moon roof SIBL copilot 360. Received vin and build week 01-23 today
  12. Very Frustrated and Confused

    Northern Ohio here. I ordered my Ecoboost FX4 11-09-21 rolled over 9-17 priority 10. Many of us are in the same boat as you. Wishing you and I good luck on a build date soon
  13. My Warranty May Have Or Is About To Expire?

    Getting calls that my warranty is close to expiring on my 22 Maverick. Had to roll over and don't even have a build date yet. Warranty expiring before I even get it?
  14. Unscheduled Ecoboost orders list

    11-09-22 Ecoboost FX4 XLT moon roof copilot 360 SIBL. Rolled over to 2023
  15. Average wait time for most?

    Ordered my Ecoboost 11-09-21. Still waiting
  16. Just received this depressing email about my 2023 Maverick order

    I am a 22 Ecoboost rollover. Did not receive this email. Received every other one over the past year. Maybe good news for me ?
  17. Ford Customer Service Update

    Mudflaps are still like a 4 percent restraint