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  1. Sister Ordering a 1958 Edition Land Cruiser, Thoughts?

    My only issue is that the features aren't great for a >$50K vehicle. A $50K new '24 Santa Fe would be pretty loaded up, and has enough power and doesn't really need to go rock crawling.
  2. 2024 Trax / Envista, Thoughts?

    Came to check if there was any news of any Maverick changes for 2024, seems like not yet, but noticed no one had mentioned the new Chevy Trax / Buick Envista. Like Ford was replacing small hatchbacks and sedans with an efficient affordable pickup, it seems GM is following suit in similar style...
  3. Wanted a Maverick, but missed my shot, ordered a Dodge Hornet

    Wanted a Maverick, but missed my chance to get one, and can't wait any longer as our truck was totalled by an uninsured reckless driver. Ordered a 2023 Dodge Hornet (basically a cheapened Alfa Romeo Tonale with more horsepower and a whopping 300ftlbs of torque)! Taking delivery in December...
  4. Consumer Reports 2022 Maverick Hybrid Review & Ranking [September Issue]

    Ford Maverick Hybrid Outstanding Fuel Economy for a Truck WE WERE IMPRESSED with the Maverick when we tested the turbo version earlier this year. The Bronco Sportbased pickup is relatively inexpensive and delivers a more refi ned ride than traditional trucks, making it a pleasant daily driver...
  5. '22 Nissan Frontier SV - Garbage Tier Truck

    So I've gotten to drive a borrowed '22 Nissan Frontier SV 4x2 for two days now, , and was so excited because this was a contender as a "upgrade" to my Ram especially since Mavericks are unicorns on dealer lots, and all I can say is that if at all possible try-before-u-buy! 🤢 Granted, all I have...
  6. 2022 Model Year Vehicles Worst Initial Quality/Reliability in 36 years per JD Powers

    What are being dubbed as "pandemic cars" are seeing as an industry the worst overall quality/reliability in JD Powers 36 years of running the numbers. So if you were ever likely to get a lemon or just have a few niggles not quite worked out by the factory, 2022 was unfortunately peak fail for...
  7. For Symmetry Fanatics, Ever Consider 2nd Decorative Plate?

    Not a second license plate, but like one of those decorative plates you can get online (American flag, No Touch Snek, etc) that some people put on the front of their vehicle in states that don't require front plates (or that just don't care)? That way it'd look something like this for example...
  8. Spotted Maverick next to F-150, noticed some parts sharing...

    Appears to be an identical third brake light on both the Mav and F150. You really also appreciate how low the roofline is of the Maverick when you see it next to its big brother: If so, that means any of the aftermarket F150 LED third brake lights may be a plug and play swap.
  9. XLT FX4 Max Tow Capacity Test - Daily Motor

    Daily Motor towing a Ford Escape and three passengers on a AWD Ecoboost:
  10. Maverick vs Santa Cruz - Pick your activity / Trucklets or Utes -- [Everyday Driver Review]

    A high production quality but not overly flattering review of the Maverick and Santa Cruz, that also mentions the MaverickTruckClub community BTW: 00:00 - 1:21 Truck, Ute, or something else 1:21 - 7:37 Styling, Interior, & Usability 7:37 - 12:15 Power & Performance 12:15 - 16:26 Ride &...
  11. Adding switchbacks to top of non-Lariat Headlights

    Anyone know how difficult it is to crack open the headlights on the Maverick? Reason I ask is it seems like you could install something universal like these flexible switchbacks in that location. Or failing that, perhaps they can go outside and above it as intended, or just in the center of...
  12. I love a Mav in Uniform.

    Figured we could have a ongoing thread for Maverick's "in uniform" for security, fire, police, etc as I'd wager the XL trim will be huge with government and other fleet vehicles as production ramps up: And some may have already seen the SEMA Rescue Package Concept:
  13. XLT Ecoboost FWD Payload Test - Driving Sports TV

    Meat and taters starts at 6:40 with driving impressions and payload test. (y)
  14. The Absolute Joke State of Vehicle Prices Example

    Post your favorite examples of overpriced cars. Here's a used Chevy Trailblazer subcompact crossover, 18K miles on it, which at $30K would have been overpriced brand new as practically an economy oriented hatchback with a tiny 1.3L engine, now asking $37K used...
  15. Savagegeese FWD Turbo XLT Review

    Most turbo reviews have been AWD, but the FWD seems to launch just fine with no drama, at least in the dry: Link to video and discussion of the Savagegeese FWD Hybrid XLT Review here: https://www.mavericktruckclub.com/forum/threads/savagegeese-hybrid-xlt-review.6739/
  16. Sarah -n- Tuned XLT FX4 Mechanical & Offroad Review

    She's always fun, and breaks down some of the mechanicals on the FX4.