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  1. Dilemma

    I ordered a carbonized grey XL and will be in second week of march. Took ownership of a white XL cause I totalled my truck before the grey one came in. Grey doesn’t have 360 my white one does. Not usually a white fan but it’s been nice. Debating on trading it in on the grey. What’s y’all’s thoughts?
  2. Not so great gas mileage

    Anybody else have a fwd eco that gets sub par gas mileage. Averaging 20mpg driving normal not really putting my foot in it… just driving
  3. Issue with light above cubby

    Anybody else encountered a problem with the light under the ac controls in the phone cubby?
  4. Fwd with 1.5” level kit… would you do it?

    Just bought a fwd with copilot360 and considering the level kit. Any downside to an inch and a half just to level and eventually go a little larger on tire size? I know gas mileage but anything else?
  5. Thoughts on Drop in Bedliner?

    Thoughts on drop in bedliner. And does anyone know if you can access cubby storage with it?
  6. Did you pick FWD or AWD Maverick and why?

    Did you choose all wheel drive or front wheel drive and why?