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  1. Unconventional Payload Test!!

    It is small! That's the point. I also had 9 kids in the back and they loved it. Same as other kids in a full sized f150. Except I get 30 on the highway, can park anywhere and paid 30k not 50k. Could have put them on a trailer if needed as well. I'd say why would you buy a bigger truck?!
  2. Unconventional Payload Test!!

    Maybe not the normal way to test payload, but it was full! Made some benches for the kids to sit on. The flexbed features came in handy for sure! Attached some led lights around the bed too but did not show up in the daylight photos too well. Little truck, as my daughter calls it, did well.
  3. Tailgate lettering on ALTO BLUE

    The chrome stands out and matches the other accents well.
  4. Ford OEM tailgate letters

    Just got my raised chrome letters off Amazon. Debated a few color choices, but super happy with it on the Alto Blue. Less than half the cost of the OEM ones.
  5. Recall Expectations

    I took my XLT EB LUX in for the fuel tank inspection. I also needed the drivers door lock fixed/replaced and an oil change. Took 3 weeks to get appointment, but not unexpected. Night drop off so they had all the time to check. I call at 4pm for an update. Was told the truck is apart and there...
  6. Highest odometer mileage so far?

    Have an 8/1 appointment at dealer for fuel tank recall inspection. They are quoting me for the windshield and the drivers door lock. Not functioning. I did have the speakers replaced and that might be the culprit, but it worked right after that, so who knows. Might have to have another...
  7. Highest odometer mileage so far?

    Rock from a truck on way down to Nashville. Had to tell daughter to use her "earmuffs" for a minute. Started as a chip, next morning was a crack. Safelite, local place quoted me $2k. Not what I was expecting!
  8. Highest odometer mileage so far?

    12,800 since November. Alto Blue XLT Exo Awd Lux. No issues, except the $2k estimate for a cracked windshield!!
  9. Manual Transmission. If it was offered, would you choose a Standard?

    Traded in a 15 Focus ST. This is my first car that is not a manual. Wife has a Regal TourX, but that is not my daily. I miss not shifting. Made every drive more engaging. Would buy a manual every time if offered. Sadly, near impossible to get new anymore.
  10. Madeira Ohio Spotted my FIRST Maverick in the wild.

    Other, not inherent
  11. Madeira Ohio Spotted my FIRST Maverick in the wild.

    Was in Amelia the inherent day, on the way to the car wash, and was behind another one. Cactus Grey I believe. So 2 Mavs at the same carwash. They are out there!
  12. Anyone using your Maverick as a family vehicle?

    Have a 7yo and it works just fine for the 3 of us.. We have taken a long weekend to Nashville, about 5hour trip, and it was great. I have a hard quad fold tonneau and some DIY dividers in the bed and works well as a large trunk. I had a Focus ST before the Mav, and the interior space is a...