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  1. Cabin Filters & Air filters - aftermarket part numbers?

    Cabin filters are relatively new. I'm sure you'll replace it when you have no airflow
  2. New stereo firmware update available!

    Just updated mine, thanks for the heads-up 👍
  3. 2023 Maverick Emissions Recall 23E09 (Air/Fuel Enrichment Calibration) - New Vehicle Delivery Hold

    I'm not bothered by the recalls, kind of expected as you mention. It's the recall execution that's a problem. I'd like to get a problem resolved, not create more.
  4. Added a Shift Lever

    This is the exact reason drug use is prohibited at work!
  5. Factory Continental bad tires. Need replacement at 15K miles

    So, you're a senior race car driver 🤔
  6. Smartliner floor mats wearing out

    Glad I went with Husky
  7. The Walmart Curse Lives On

    I respectfully disagree, but hope you're right.
  8. i accidentally made this thread [NO POLITICS, NO OFFENSIVE POSTS, NO NSFW]

    Hey, I resemble that remark 😁
  9. Maverick Electrical Issue

    That's gotta be the reason 🤣
  10. Maverick Electrical Issue

    Wait, that's not normal 🤔