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  1. Age of targeted Maverick Buyer

    41, South east asian guy ( Indian origin), no one in the friedns circle typically buys Ford and especially a truck. Most stick to Honda, Toyotas to begin or moves to lux vehicales Tesla, BMW, MB when they can afford....It was fun stopping by potlucks, friends gathering in the last month since i...
  2. Georgia Ford bed extender

    Interested ..is it still there?
  3. Georgia FS Extang Trifecta 2.0 Tonneau Cover

    Is it still there ? I can come and pick it up...
  4. Georgia FS: Genuine Ford Soft tri-fold tonneau cover

    Do you still have it ? I live in atlanta. I can come and pick up. Pls DM me with your number and I will call and set things up.
  5. MAVERICK XL ---

    All, received the Maverick. MSRP was 28800+ and XPlan was 28300..saved me approx $500...I think you can go with xplan or farm bueareu..Doc fee was 699 and due to xplan it got reduced to 100...so overall saved 1100 , thanks to my friend. other than that dealer tried to sell extended warranty plan...
  6. MAVERICK XL ---

    My order shows as shipped with an estimated delivery date of 06/02 to 06/15.
  7. MAVERICK XL ---

    It looks like it is 0.4% less than the invoice price. But I dont know the invoice price....so, there it is.. I also thought it will save some money on doc fee... What is this state farm discount ? can I get it ?
  8. MAVERICK XL ---

    Thanks much. So, I probably need to wait till mid of June to get it.
  9. Georgia Tonneu cover suggestions?

    Thanks much Thanks much. Let me read thru the post.
  10. Georgia Tonneu cover suggestions?

    Thanks much
  11. MAVERICK XL ---

    First time truck buyer trying to get suggestions on following.. 1.My order is currently in Production. Any idea How long it will take to ship and get it to delviery ? 2. I have ford XPLAN code. Total MSRP as of now is $28875 including destination fee...it includes XL, AWD, 4K, Copilot + few...
  12. Georgia Tonneu cover suggestions?

    I have ordered XL, EB, AREA 51, AWD, 4K TOW, COPILOT Maverick. I am looking for suggestions for a good tonnue cover. My primary goal is to keep the contents prtected from weather and theft. Looking for something around $1000. I have never owned a truck before and coming in from 2014 corolla...