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  1. Percentage of Maverick Specific Parts?

    Henry Ford was big on interchangeable parts. Just for fun, can anyone estimate the percentage of parts that are unique to a Maverick as opposed to the parts that are used on other Ford models?
  2. 2024 Chevrolet Montana?

    Just saw a video regarding a possible new Chevrolet compact truck. There is speculation that the new truck will initially be produced for countries south of the border. Looks to be a Maverick competitor.
  3. Diode Dynamics Fog Light Kit

    I had never heard of Diode Dynamics until I saw several mentions of their products on this forum. Hopefully, next year I will have a Maverick hybrid sitting in my driveway with an aftermarket spray in bed liner and Diode Dynamics yellow fog lights. Here is the kit for the Ford Ranger to give...
  4. Ford D Plan Purchasing

    Any FoMoCo or Ford dealership employees bought a Maverick using the D Plan pricing? Just curious as to the actual savings and if there were any "surprises" when it came time to settle up. Also, can any other discounts apply, such as veteran, first responder, Mustang Club, Farm Bureau, etc.?
  5. Acquisition Fee?

    Just this noticed this $645 charge on the Ford website. Is this something new?
  6. 2022 Ford Maverick XL/XLT Co-Pilot360 in action

    Great video on YouTube:
  7. Blind Spot Mirrors are useful and good safety feature

    It appears that blind spot mirrors are included in XLT and Lariat packages. My government-issued Ford Fusion had the blind spot mirrors. I was on the road five days a week, and found the mirrors to be very useful. In my opinion, the mirrors are a good safety feature...
  8. Need help navigating pricing options

    I hope to order an XLT with floor trays, 110v, spray-in bed liner, trailer hitch and 360. I am not in a rush to get the truck. I am considering the following to get the best deal possible: 1. Granger Ford at invoice -3% with courtesy delivery within 2-3 hours drive from my home. Not sure if...