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  1. Leather wrapped steering wheel is back!

    Mine shows the same and I don’t have the BAP. Will know next week when it arrives at the dealer.
  2. Hybrid - Multiple Error codes

    P2C22 is for the exhaust heat exchanger. U codes are communication errors between modules
  3. False Deep Sleep Notification fix from Ford

    looks like like Ford released a TCU update to fix the false deep sleep notification
  4. 📬 1/26/23 Scheduling Email Received Group [EMAILS NOW ARRIVING!]

    ⏰ 10:47 CST 📅 March 13 🔢 3FTTW8E35PRA306xx 🛻 Cactus Gray Hybrid Lariat Lux, CoPilot Assist Remote Start Moon Roof Floor Liners 📍 Chicago 🗓 9/16/22 🕺 Webb Ford
  5. My dealer claims there's a recall on my Maverick and he can't sell it

    Yep, definitely sold. Connected data shows 369 miles on odometer already