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  1. California Canyon Cooler Pro 45

    I just received my Canyon Cooler Pro 45, in Mayan Blue; and it fits great on the rear seat! The passenger seat is all the way back and there's still space to open the cooler comfortable. My girlfriend will have more than enough space to sit comfortably on the passenger seat as well. And my...
  2. For sale: Brand new in box Truxedo Pro 15 - $500

    SOLD!!! I went a different way. I got the Keko electric cover. Pictures here:
  3. PLEASE HELP- Service Engine Soon Warning

    I get all of these warnings after starting my HYBRID Mav after the SEMA show. It was on display there with some added accessories that are absolutely great that i will post later. But my concern is that the engine light is also lit on the dash and all of these warnings. Would it be because...
  4. PLEASE HELP - Adding Cruie Control to my Hybrid 360 XL

    Hello Maverick crew! I'm in need of help, when I plug in my ELM327 and plug the computer, Forscan says that it is unable to identify vehicle and that it needs the FACTORY PCM. Can you guys please helo me with this? Help is much appreciated! If you are in Los Angeles, I will gladly take you...
  5. Looking to buy the OEM FITS Trash Bin

    I'm located in Pasadena, CA. If you are selling your Trash Bin I would like to buy it. Cheers!