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  1. 2024 Maverick Orders Now Being Prioritized - Contact Ford Chat to check

    Ordered 10/1/21, again 9/21/22, again 7/23. Got vin today(from marketing team not dealer). Sched week 9-25(Iconic Silver Hybrid XL hitch/360cp). Waiting on supervisor from marketing to call re: transition offer.
  2. 2024 Maverick Price List (MSRP/Invoice Pricing) - All Models / Options

    I'm holding out to see what transpires. I've been in regular contact with marketing and have a case #. Dealer is small town rural and not so much in the know. I'll update if I receive any helpful info.
  3. 2024 Maverick Price List (MSRP/Invoice Pricing) - All Models / Options

    I've had my hybrid xl (cp360/hitch) on order since 10/1/21. Dealer reordered for the 23. Now I've reordered same for 24. Had to change color due to XL limited colors. Dealer has copy of DL but I didn't have to sign. My purchase of the 23 (if built) or the 24 is contingent on Ford's private...
  4. Very Very Poor job on Recall

    Ford shouldn't expect customers to be ok with rigged parts. I picked up my first order last month (hybrid) and have identical one that is being rolled to 23. Ford needs to address Mav issues. I thought the Mav was a great idea and it checks a lot of boxes but only if it is well built/reliable.
  5. Regrets with your engine choice?

    Answering your question, no. I have an XL hybrid cp360 and hitch. I am waiting on another (identical). I have no need to argue or justify my choice. The Hybrid XL simply met my needs. Everyone already has the factual info re: mpg, power, price, and warranty. Everything else is pretty much just...
  6. October Hybrid Orders United

    Rcvd my Sep 22nd order (XL hybrid cp360 and hitch)on Aug 3rd. Identical order (diff dealer)on Oct 1st-still order processing clean unsched.
  7. Anyone had their Maverick show up at the dealer with no notice from Ford?

    Ford chat, phone contact, email, and dealer all provided diff info regarding status. I picked mine up on Aug 3rd. Ford recall center/Fordpass shows engine fire recall not complete (but it has clearly been done). Dealer and Ford recall center don't know when or who. They say I should bring it...
  8. Is Ford Mispricing the Maverick on Purpose?

    Maybe others will reread and realize you made what seems to be an evidenced based assessment of the current market and simply questioned Ford's insight/future plan. I'm a big proponent of Truth vs opinion and I don't see any disputing the fact/s you noted.
  9. Is Ford Mispricing the Maverick on Purpose?

    With respect to the Op, I'm sure Ford evaluated and researched things I'm completely oblivious to. Your understanding/knowledge of the process is appreciated. In line with your above explanation-the demand is my current dilemma. As I said, I'm satisfied with my 22k ish price and wouldn't choose...
  10. Is Ford Mispricing the Maverick on Purpose?

    When I first read this there were like 3 posts. 6 pages later I'm questioning my intelligence. FWIW, I am a college educated ret mil veteran but I ain't no genius. I thought Ford simply built a truck for less thus sold it for less. Ain't that reasonable?
  11. Hybrid mpg

    I picked mine up on 8-3. XL Cp360 and hitch. 37 miles home with ac on avg 50mph. Showed 48.4mpg..
  12. Alabama

    Mine arrived in Bham on 25th. Came thru Chattanooga(60miles N of me)to Bham(90 miles S of me). Deliv date 8-6/12.
  13. 255/65/17 BFG KO2 stock ride height w/ no rubbing

    Looks good. Thanks for taking time to post.
  14. Finally Here! Hybrid Maverick & Gtechniq Detail

    Congrats-looks great. If yours was in the recall, did it have the recall work performed before shipping?
  15. New Maverick Recall: 2.5 Hybrid Engine Fire Hazard [Updated w/ Safety Recall Notice to Dealers]

    👍. Apologies-almost a year since order. Note to self-close mouth, engage brain.
  16. New Maverick Recall: 2.5 Hybrid Engine Fire Hazard [Updated w/ Safety Recall Notice to Dealers]

    Built week of 7-4, shipping presently. No recall for my vin on Ford.com, NHSTA, or Ford Pass app.. Was there a change/Mod to those built before/after the recall dates?
  17. New Maverick Recall: 2.5 Hybrid Engine Fire Hazard [Updated w/ Safety Recall Notice to Dealers]

    Mine built/shipped this week. My vin shows no recall-also checked Ford Pass. Guessing you checked your vin also. Myself and others reported going in-out of production in the first week of June. Wonder if this was possible reason.
  18. September 2021 Hybrid Orders United

    Sep 22nd XL hybrid cp360 and hitch. In production since Monday(for the second time).
  19. October Hybrid Orders United

    Fwiw-Mid aged retired veteran. Two hybrid XLs cp360 and hitch. Sep 22nd order is in production since Monday(for the second time-was in production 6-2 for a few days then went back to in order processing). Oct 1st order still in order processing. No email re: rollover to 23. FMC rep said Oct 1st...
  20. My August 21, 2021, Aventure is over.

    I appreciate the Ops review as any honest opinions/experiences provide insight. I'm a mid aged retired veteran and remain optimistically hopeful. I've got two hybrid XLs ordered. With the price and mpg I'm not expecting any remorse.