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  1. Finally all but one upgrade and accessories installed!

    How do you handle the pressure driving around with your license plate exposed? 😆
  2. Upgrades Completed

  3. My maverick was T Boned in a parking lot

    T-Boned …. I was expecting a real mess😁 It will fix.
  4. How long do you plan to keep your Maverick?

    Until I crap out or it gets totaled; which ever comes first.
  5. Maverick Tailgate Letters PPF Cutout

    Not difficult….make sure to clean with alcohol prior to applying.
  6. Mini Shelby Maverick Build

    Isn’t illegal to paint your license plate black? 😆
  7. Wrapped my Lariat in INOZETEC Chalk Gray

    I would have not known that‘s a wrap!👍
  8. My patience is running thin

    I ordered my Lariat on Jun 20, 2021; received it Dec 21, 2021. I thought that was a long wait….not so much now.
  9. Aftermarket window deflectors

    in channel
  10. Maverick Tailgate Letters PPF Cutout

    Good Job….I went with the chrome
  11. Why are so many Mavericks getting rear ended?

    My major concern owning a Maverick is getting involved in a collision. Wouldn’t take much totaling it.
  12. Gift for getting the airbag recall repair done.. YETI tumbler!

    I found the “airbag Yeti” way to tight. Thx for the heads up on the Hydoflasks.