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  1. Introductory offer for FLATED Air-Toppers!

    Wonderful, thank you!! I'm definitely considering this...
  2. Introductory offer for FLATED Air-Toppers!

    Not to be this guy; I love the look and particularly the extended height version, but I'm not that interested in creating yet another account or whatever just to see what the MaverickClub23! discount is. Is it more than the 10% being offered for providing an email address? Thanks for continuing...
  3. Steering Wheel Issue

    That definitely sounds like the lane departure system settings just being set to strict, but as I rarely use mine I can't say for sure I've necessarily experienced that. Next time I'm on the interstate (and it's not a hazard to do so) I'll flick it on and see if I notice anything; now I'm curious.
  4. FX4 skid plate

    Yeah mine has 32k miles on it since I got it in November of 21, and apart from the paint chips everywhere that we all complain about, it still looks great and I haven't seen rust. I haven't dug into it enough to know what parts are aluminum and such Glad to hear that heat shield isn't absorbant!
  5. FX4 skid plate

    Is that heat blanket on yours totally saturated with whatever oil spilled onto it?
  6. FX4 skid plate

    I've been wary of climbing down there to look at it, but with my AC running these days I've noticed a good amount of condensation dripping out from under my truck. The trouble is, it drips in different places depending on the pitch of the parking lot, driveway, road that I'm parked on, and my...
  7. Fuel Tank Recall

    I agree, I'd have thought this would be a push notification or something. It definitely seems like that would be an easy feature to integrate into the app if you have it, since your account is already linked to your VIN. I'm going to call a dealer tomorrow and see what my options are. I was...
  8. Paint scratches too easily, very disappointed EDIT: it wasnt a scratch, but paint from the broom that cleaned off

    yeah I'm the idiot who did it, not on Ford, but I had pretty substantial ice build up around the wipers the other night, so last night shut the truck off with the wipers up (but turned off). I tipped them off the glass so water wouldn't build up and freeze. This morning I hit the auto start and...
  9. 🦖 Ranger Raptor Shows Off Its Muscles by Dropping Camo

    Less muscular looking, more big guy in small clothes, in my opinion. To its credit it does look more aggressive, if that's what you're going for. I'm honestly glad to see this. I was a little hesitant to buy the mav knowing the ranger redesign was coming, but I definitely prefer the mav...
  10. Anybody order off Bakflip.com

    Maybe get a chance tomorrow, it's supposed to 45° here, which seems doable.
  11. CYBER ORANGE Maverick Club

    little flies are digging this color in the sun...
  12. Anybody order off Bakflip.com

    Yeah that sucks that basically all the options are found under the umbrella of the one company. That explains why tuxedo guys wanted my order # for bakflip.
  13. Anybody order off Bakflip.com

    I'm just seeing this thread but I'm "glad" there are others annoyed about this, too. Ordered an X4s because of appearance and function; it looks to be higher quality than the alternatives. I ordered September 7 thinking I'd be on the front end of the orders and that I'd have it well ahead of...
  14. How many of you Mav owners have seen another Mav on the road?

    I took delivery a week ago, but prior to that had seen one black XLT up in IL in the Schaumburg area. By the time I realized what I was looking at it had passed and I never did manage to catch up to it again...that was late October. Two weeks ago I spotted another black one just north of Salem...
  15. College Discount

    Update; the website is forddrivesu.com. it's self explanatory, and when you're done, there's a code and explanation of the offer you receive. Good luck
  16. College Discount

    I had to verify my student status or whatever at a site called id.me It just asked for college email address and college name, social (for school record search I imagine), and physical residence. I have my old college email and my current one (different schools), and just did the current one...
  17. College Discount

    Picking up my maverick as I write this, but wanted to share with everyone; I was signing the paperwork and had a sheet with the rebates and deductions listed (none) to sign off on. I did ask at that point if the college purchase program applies, and after about a 10 minute search and a quick...
  18. What brand are the OEM Tonneau bed covers offered by Ford?

    Yeah the hard rollup is a Bak model. X4s, I believe. I ordered a hard rollup from Bakflip back in early September, and they've given me all kinds of delays and anticipated delivery dates have come and gone - I would recommend working DIRECTLY with Bak if you go that route, rather than...
  19. Window Tint Costs

    Is that pet a cat with an abrasive little tongue or a dog who just enjoys licking the windows? I'd have never even considered that...haha