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  1. Weekend in the Presidential Range, travel trailer towing test

    MPG will improve on flat road, on flat roads at 60 MPH I get 19.6 MPG Pulling 2500 lbs and 17.5 in the hills at 70 MPH.
  2. How many miles so far?

    8245 miles
  3. Had some snow fun...

    Should never went off road with those Pirelli tires, pure garbage, almost asking to get stuck. Sorry to here about rear though, I know that had to hurt 😞
  4. DIY - Tow Hitch Installation

    Dude $100 and it’s factory installed.
  5. Gaps in the bed.

    It’s supposed to be like that, it allows the UNIBODY TO FLEX without damaging the other body panels. It might be best to leave it alone.

    Call Ford , don’t let get away with Maverick.
  7. Accessory Pic- Tailgate lock

    Mine was dealer installed.
  8. How many Mavericks have you seen?

    I’ve seen 5, spotted this one at Assateague Island National Seashore

    For the first time I was camping in Assateague Island National Seashore which known for its wild horses when I spotted a Maverick XLT FX4 in Alto Blue, this only the forth Maverick I’ve seen in the wild. So I pulled up for a cameo shot, the owner said he loves his Maverick like the majority of...
  10. Loveseat For Lovie

    Hauling loveseat for wife after her Thrift Store adventure. If not for the hard roll-up tonneau cover I’ve could have close the tailgate.
  11. Anyone Disappointed With Their Maverick? If so, why?

    If your planning on buying a house you better keep your Maverick because it’s a homeowners dream. Sell it than buy house you will never stop kicking yourself….I guarantee it.
  12. Is it worth having Tailgate Assist Strut? Is it worth having Hood Assist Struts from MRT?

    I first would like to say, to each its own, I thought about adding the same two items to my truck but so far have not, is it worth it, well ask yourself really how often am I going to raise the hood if you are like me next too never. By adding the tailgate strut you loose a tie down point so the...
  13. Let's Hear it for VA!!! Whose ordered, what are you seeing?

    Norfolk, VA……I received my Maverick 2.0 EB Lariat, Lux Pac, Upgraded Wheels on 10/23/21 and seen only 3 Maverick’s in the wild after 5800 miles and one of those was from North Carolina.
  14. Dropped Suspensions

    I’m sorry but I don’t care how SWEET it looks I just can’t see myself lowing my Maverick. No matter how much I like it I just can’t. If you feel the same way comment why. Maybe it’s just me.
  15. Another remote start gone wrong, GLOWING CAT

    You should’ve been taken that back to the dealer for repair. Don’t wait until it catches fire.
  16. Tow report: Maverick towing 16 ft Scamp trailer (2200 lbs) for 1500 miles

    I don’t doubt the Maverick will have any issues with stopping a 1510 lbs. trailer being that it has to stop its payload of 1500 lbs. and standard 2000 lbs. of towing. Some states regulations do not require trailer breaks until 3500 lbs so I would think that would be the limit of the Maverick’s...
  17. Tow report: Maverick towing 16 ft Scamp trailer (2200 lbs) for 1500 miles

    You might fit without folding but it’s going to be close.
  18. Dealership Just Wrote Me They Are Unable to Fill My Order

    I double checked with what you told me with Tim Bartz THE MAVERICK SPECIALIST and he assured me that you can switch your order to another dealership. Reach out to him at fordvideoguy here on the forum. I’m confident he can help you get your Maverick.