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  1. Intermittent AC

    I did send you what you asked for but never heard back
  2. Intermittent AC

    Wonder if anyone else has that issue. Sometimes AC works perfectly and other times only blows hot air? Appointment on Monday but going to be a hot weekend in Florida. Suggestions?
  3. No AC

    Got my 23 Mav in March and not blowing any AC only hot air. Dealer can't get me until the 15th! Hot in Florida
  4. Florida Free Owners Manual

    Yes true. Have a paper one if anyone wants to avoid printing
  5. Florida Free Owners Manual

    Have an extra 2023 manual, will send to anyone who pays postage
  6. Tracking rail car

    Wishing I could track my Maverick as it due Feb 18- Mar 2 suggestions? Dealer no help
  7. ONLY Hybrid Mavericks being scheduled this week on 1/12/23!

    Mine is one of them to be scheduled, HOPEFULLY!!!!! Question is, can I still make modifications to the order?? Remove D Link bed connectors ???? and if so who should I contact??? TIA
  8. **Maverick Scheduling has been CANCELLED for today**

    What phone number do you call to check about vin?