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  1. The Rattler will be an F150 trim. What will the "rough road" Maverick be?

    There was substantial speculation that the Maverick's upgrade off road package would be named the Rattler, based on Ford trademark filings. Ford just announced, however, that the Rattler name will be used on the F150 - to be released tomorrow. So what will the upgrade from the FX4 package be...
  2. Maverick vs Hyundai Santa Cruz

    The Hyundai Santa Cruz was just released. It is 196 inches long with a 4 foot bed (4 feet, 4 inches at the bottom, 4 feet at the top). It has a 1300lb payload. Efficiency and price numbers aren't yet released. So there is the baseline for the Maverick's most obvious competitor.
  3. Maverick competitors: What will you be cross-shopping?

    I found it really interesting in the "Make or Break Specs" thread to see all the different ways folks wanted to configure/use the Maverick. It made me wander what other vehicles you thought that you'd be cross shopping as I expect there is a spectrum. For me: Tier 1: New Ranger (if it comes in...
  4. What will be the make or break specs for you on the Maverick?

    Reading through this forum, a lot of people have a lot of different priorities when describing what they hope the Maverick is. What matters for you and what would be your cut off points for acceptable/desired specs for that facet of the truck? For me (in rough descending order): Bed length...