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  1. Mods to first edition

  2. I think I have been plenty patient

    they can unload around 500 a day.
  3. I think I have been plenty patient

    Picked up mine Thursday. Ordered 6/10/21. It was worth the wait. It is very quiet. 1/3 of electric driving 38mpg. 103 miles
  4. Any early August build dates “built” or “shipped” status yet?

    Just picked up my Hybrid ,RR,FE 490 days after order. Happy, Happy Happy
  5. average number of rescheduling dates

    My scheduled day changed 9 times since June 2021. Sent to plant changed once for a month
  6. Rail car delivery Ramp 1 codes

    no I don't have it yet it has to get here soon.
  7. Did it again

    Hang in there young man you will make it. ATCS 1968-1988 My truck is scheduled for delivery this week, ordered 6/10/21
  8. Sticky Dash

    My E-350 Super duty Class C had a sticky passenger airbag. Had to wipe it down with alcohol and repaint it. It got hot on a 900-mile trip to St. Louis. It's fine now. I read that this is common on a lot of vehicles. Hope it is not on my Maverick.
  9. Belated Birthday Present!

    4 to 6 weeks for you to wait.
  10. Dealer called and offered me a Maverick today

    Got my order at X price in Md. picking up next week. ordered 6/10/21 Great dealer, FORD is a little slow.
  11. Rail car delivery Ramp 1 codes

    Been in De. for last 3 days. Not at dealer yet.
  12. Any early August build dates “built” or “shipped” status yet?

    wish I could help. In the same boat. Truck is in Delaware at terminal for the last 4 days. Hope that its unloaded, dealer is useless other than the Est delivery date from Ford.
  13. New Email from Ford--"Another update on your Ford order"

    Happy that you're getting yours. My order 6/10 is finally off the train in de. It won't be long now. Hang in there. 16 months for me.
  14. ⏰ 2023 Maverick Scheduling Begins! -- Starting Next Week (10/3) For 2023MY Production Build Week 11/14

    Get the x plan, but you may need to add another year to the club membership like I did. It took 16 months to get my truck. it is still on the train hope to get it in the next two weeks.
  15. Rail car delivery Ramp 1 codes

    Yours is on the same train as mine. It is 97 miles from Willington de. A auto drop point. 10 2 22
  16. Any early August build dates “built” or “shipped” status yet?

    Well, it is Norfolk southern. google ns auto loading docks