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  1. Max payload and towing capacity with 2.0 AWD + FX4 (but no tow package)?

    Max payload would be 1500lbs and Max tow capacity is 2000lbs. These numbers are approximate and may be lower depending on configuration. Remember payload and towing capacities affect each other, you will need to know the GCWR to make sure that you are not overloading your truck
  2. 120V/400W inverter standard?

    What you are describing is the Lariat and XLT with the Lux package. The bed plug is only available with the Lux package.
  3. EcoBoost Maverick, really ?

    I think that there is a misunderstanding of physics and the amount of effort/energy required to motivate vehicles.
  4. Ford wants to charge the HVB while being towed

    I think this is a great idea. Towed vehicles over 3000lbs in most states require brake application anyway, why not use this braking to regenerate the battery. I think it would be a great solution for RV'ers and may do something to speed the implementation of EV in that market.
  5. Upcoming Auto Shows w/ Maverick?

    I am hoping for the New York Auto Show, but don't have any confirmation they will be shown there. Although I cannot imagine that they won't be.
  6. 2022 Maverick Spied With New Accessories (Black Trims, Hood Bulge / Scoop, Wheel Arches, Window Air Deflectors) 📸

    I kind of like the hood, side and tailgate appliques. I don't think they would look that good on the CG Maverick that I have in on order, but I think they would look good on lighter colors and maybe the red.
  7. Trying to decide: XLT vs Lariat Maverick

    I was originally going XLT with Lux package but I am concerned that the light color on the XLT seats is going to get dirty quickly and drive me crazy, so I went Lariat w/o lux for the darker seats.
  8. Flat Towing

    I believe that it just needs to be a hybrid, from what I have read.
  9. Can I still make changes to my Maverick order?

    I am pretty sure that you can make a change to the order up until the VIN is assigned. I cannot comment on what a change does to your place in line.
  10. Spare tire housing the same for either tire

    I cannot imagine that there would be a different mounting system for a donut. I would put a pretty hefty bet on the system working with full size spares and/or donuts. Now the question I have is- if you get a hybrid or order the full size spare, will the spare be the same tire and size as is on...
  11. Documentation Fees at your dealer?

    It seems to be a consistent $500 in my part of Maryland.
  12. Front Wheel Drive Maverick Hybrid feedback?

    They are priced higher. I was interested in them and actually tried to talk to a Hyundai dealer about them, but they had little information(actually the Ford dealers were just as bad). Hyundai announced some of the pricing yesterday, and they are higher, but the trim levels seem to be higher...
  13. Front Wheel Drive Maverick Hybrid feedback?

    Hyundai just launched the Santa Cruz, but that is all that I know of.
  14. Santa Cruz, really???

    The SC would meet my needs with the exception of the fuel economy and the 660lb limitation on the bed. I think it is an attractive vehicle(although my wife hates it and questions why I would even consider a "truck" in the first year of production from a company that does not have a track...
  15. Thoughts on the rear sliding window.

    I would not pay extra for one, but it is nice for airflow on nice days. I am not getting a sunroof, so it will be a nice addition for non -a/c comfort.. If it were larger, it would be nice with a topper, but most likely not so much, time will tell
  16. Need quick decision. Cancel splash guards to get truck sooner?

    I would cancel and buy aftermarket. I did not order them and am not sure if I would need them.
  17. Hybrid FWD and bad weather

    It is pretty simple and doesn't take very long to swap out wheels and tires from season to season. An air compressor comes in handy for removing, installing and maintaining pressures, but is not necessary. I did this when I had my CTS-V (man I miss that car). I have loft storage in my garage...
  18. What would you buy/lease, if the Maverick didn't exist?

    Probably a Civic Sport. It would be mostly for work travel and is a pretty fun car to drive and gets good mileage.