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  1. Best tire choice?

    It can, if you pay $795 for the non-FX4 wheels.
  2. Best tire choice?

    I'm so disappointed that Ford put the garbage Pirellis on the FX4...
  3. Post Your Scheduled For Production & VIN Assigned 2022 Maverick Order! 🤩

    Highly doubt it. It doesn't make sense from a packaging perspective given the Ranger exists.
  4. 60 / 40 split back seat

    Nope. Neither do. That would be a really weird packaging decision (but hey, Ford did stupidly decide to offer the crappy Pirelli Scorpion 225 tires instead of the available Falken Wildpeaks 235s as a default on the what do I know?).
  5. EcoBoost Maverick, really ?

    This is why I said screw it, I'd rather have more smiles per gallon. For a couple hundred more a year, I'll take it. Plus, that 40 mpg is likely lower on the hybrid for combined driving too. 🤨
  6. EcoBoost Maverick, really ?

    Seattle here as well. 87 is like $3.45 at Costco right now and likely what I'll run on my EB AWD. I will only have one vehicle and want something to do some exploring in up in the mountains.
  7. Lincoln Version?

    Nope. Lincoln trucks hav been failures.
  8. 235 Aggressive AT tires should be standard in FX4 package

    I just realized as well that changing to the Wildpeaks adds the $795 wheel which is not the default on the FX4. And the configurator is STILL broken, almost two months after announce! Seriously, who the hell is making these packaging decisions at Ford? WHY does the FX4 come with these garbage...
  9. North Carolina dealers for 2022 Maverick

    Not much honestly. Haven't heard anything since putting in my order in early July. You?
  10. North Carolina dealers for 2022 Maverick

    Bowen Scarff in Kent.
  11. Video: Maverick in Velocity Blue (XL) + Iconic Silver, Hot Pepper Red, Cyber Orange -- From Hermosillo Mexico Plant

    It could have been, if the average consumer wanted to pay thousands and thousands over what the Maverick is selling at.
  12. 2022MY Maverick Retail Scheduling Will Now Take Place on Thursday, July 29

    Eh, that's a bit too much doom and gloom for my tastes. 😉 The reality is yes, some parts are facing constraints, but there isn't anything on the Maverick that would truly delay it like the Bronco or Mach-E. It's a parts bin car in so many ways.
  13. Maverick 2.0L EcoBoost Engine Sound Clip

    Hmm...that sounds awful lol.
  14. Western Washington

    It's too quiet in here! Where are all the WA folks? 😉
  15. Ordered my Maverick today.

    Congrats! Two things I would note: 1. There's no 4x4 option on the Maverick. It's an AWD system. 2. Floor mats are backordered from what I understand, so they will delay your build.
  16. Test Drive the 2022 Maverick at the Chicago Auto Show! + Hot Pepper Red Maverick Close-Up

    The 235s with the FX4 package are the Falken Wildpeaks instead of the Pirellis. Worth the upgrade since it's free on the Lariat. The tread pattern on the Pirellis is garbage.
  17. I just Had a Maverick Built Questions? $1000 to start an order?

    Take your business elsewhere, but not before posting the name of the dealer with these awful practices so others don't waste their time.
  18. Bed storage cubby door, will this be a common stolen item?

    The probability of someone knowing about these cubbies AND messing with your vehicle isn't very high in my opinion.