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  1. Hard tonneau cover roll-up

    More than likely it will be this style:
  2. Climate control in XLT lux package?

    From the Maverick Packaging Guide: Climate control — single-zone manual
  3. Made two reservations

    Well it sounds like you have two vehicles ordered. I hope the $500 is refundable if you go with the purchase from the other dealer.
  4. Made two reservations

    Your Ford dealership converts an online reservation into an actual Maverick order. After the dealership places your order with Ford, you should get a confirmation email from Ford.
  5. Behind the rear seat storage space - enough space to store folding chairs and other items?

    Don’t see any way that chairs would fit there,
  6. No Maverick eCVT hybrid transmissions produced YET....

    I owned a Honda Accord Hybrid and it got great gas mileage, but the driving experience was less than satisfying. High engine noise and what I can best describe as an “over revving” sensation from the CVT. My current vehicle is a Subaru Outback. It’s a standard gas engine with a CVT...
  7. Made two reservations

    An order or a reservation? Big difference.
  8. Trade before Delivery?

    Did you trade it in early or just sell it?
  9. Trade before Delivery?

    Has anyone ever traded in their current vehicle while waiting for their new vehicle to be delivered? The vehicle that I’m trading for my Maverick is not my daily driver and wouldn’t be missed. My thought was that this would eliminate some of the depreciation on the value of my trade in if I...
  10. Just in from Ford (7/26): Maverick Retail Orders starts scheduling 7/29, including Hybrid retail orders!

    Maybe we should all just re-read the message on the Ford Order Confirmation email for your vehicle. I think they spell out fairly clearly how the process works. Maybe that will help with some of the anxiety. “Your vehicle order is one of the early orders for the 2022 Maverick Lariat, and...
  11. Aux input - line in

    USB C to 3.5mm Audio Aux Jack Cable, ZOOAUX Type C Adapter to 3.5mm Headphone Car Stereo Aux Cord for iPad Pro 2018 Samsung Galaxy S21/S20 Ultra Note20 10+,Google Pixel 5 4 3 2XL,Oneplus-Grey by ZOOAUX Learn more:
  12. Any dash pictures of Lariat hybrid?

    This is the only closeup picture that I’ve seen of the hybrid display.
  13. Tonneau Cover questions

    I had an Explorer SportTrac with the hard folding cover. It was a royal pain to put on and take off. I needed it off far more than I needed it on. It wound up in the back of my garage until I sold the truck. No more tonneau covers for me!
  14. Aux input - line in

    Apparently nothing but the USB inputs.
  15. Unibody repair

    I don’t think they were being sarcastic. Nearly every vehicle produced other than trucks are unibody construction. If they are involved in an accident, they are repaired at a collision center unless they are totaled. There is no reason to think a unibody Maverick would be any different.
  16. 2022 Ford Maverick Lease Programs Disappeared From Website

    If it helps, I’m viewing on an iPad from Zip Code 30601.
  17. Sell me on Lariat Luxury Package

    I’m just the opposite… my Subaru has a similar system (EyeSight) and it’s a great safety feature. I also can’t live without the keyless start after having that feature before…. not to mention the other goodies. For me, the Lariat Luxury package was a “must have”.