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  1. Ford Protect Extended Service Plans

    When I wrote that, they were listing Maverick model years from 2014 through 2022. Since 2014-2021 models didn't exist, and 2022 hasn't been released yet, I questioned whether there was a glitch in the system. I'll check back again once I have my truck. Edit: They still list some odd years. See...
  2. 2022 Maverick OKTB (OK To Buy) is approximately 9/15. Stock units will be built first.

    Glad that you are happy and eager to defend what you feel is Ford’s terrific communication. I don’t share your sentiments because they seem to be causing a lot of confusion. I think I’ll be moving along now, and leave you all to keep piling on. Enjoy!
  3. 2022 Maverick OKTB (OK To Buy) is approximately 9/15. Stock units will be built first.

    OK, you're right. Nothing to see here. Ford is doing a flawless job of educating customers and dealers--and has nothing to gain by clearing up the speculation and confusion that people are expressing. I wish you all well.
  4. 2022 Maverick OKTB (OK To Buy) is approximately 9/15. Stock units will be built first.

    Like I said, I'm glad that you're happy, and I wish you well.
  5. 2022 Maverick OKTB (OK To Buy) is approximately 9/15. Stock units will be built first.

    As I suppose is to be expected on a forum featuring a new Ford vehicle, there are quite a number of Ford-defenders who are more than happy to jump to Ford's aid. To them, I say this: You are correct that Ford promised delivery this fall, so everything else is just speculation up to that point...
  6. 2022 Maverick OKTB (OK To Buy) is approximately 9/15. Stock units will be built first.

    Ford set expectations pretty high by heavily promoting the truck, announcing fall delivery, taking orders & reservations, etc. Now their communication is spotty, inconsistent, and confusing. It's not like Ford is a startup that hasn't had experience bringing a new product to market, right? They...
  7. Post Your 3rd Party Maverick Accessories Wants Here

    You two should get together and make a trade! ;)
  8. 2022MY Maverick Retail Scheduling Will Now Take Place on Thursday, July 29

    I believe that's an abbreviation for 2022 Model Year Maverick.
  9. TFL Hands On Maverick Live on YouTube 6:30 PM Eastern Today

    Until people actually get to drive the Maverick, there's just not much new to report.
  10. 2022 Maverick Spied With New Accessories (Black Trims, Hood Bulge / Scoop, Wheel Arches, Window Air Deflectors) 📸

    Not for me. But it's cool to have options for those who want to personalize their trucks! I do wonder if the wheel arches might reduce rust-inducing paint chips? But if they screw into the sheet metal, they might actually make rust more likely--so perhaps they are clipped on?
  11. 1" Suspension lift... Would you do it?

    Personally, I don't have a reason to lift it. But I can see why some might want to.
  12. Steel vs aluminum wheels - weight, handing, mpg?

    Yep, I’m not one who needs to impress strangers by spending money. Many other things to do with it.
  13. 🥊 2022 Maverick vs Santa Cruz PRICING, SPECS, TRIMS Comparison

    Agreed. And not just fleet buyers. I ordered an XL (with a few options) because it does everything that I want, at a very reasonable price. It'll pull my small sailboat, haul my bikes, seat 5 people, carry stuff from Home Depot, etc.--all while achieving 40 MPG. Part of the joy of buying an...
  14. Fake engine and hybrid exterior sound in Maverick hybrid 2.5L?

    It's good that quiet cars make some exterior sounds when moving slowly, to prevent them from "sneaking" up on pedestrians in garages, etc. But motor sounds inside the cabin are NOT my cup of tea.
  15. Colorado Maverick owners

    After trying with a few other dealers, I placed an order with Longmont/Mike Maroone Ford on June 16th. Brad was great to work with, and I received a prompt notice from Ford.
  16. Need quick decision. Cancel splash guards to get truck sooner?

    I dropped them from my order. I figure that I can add them later. If I had more patience, I would have left them on, but I need the truck sooner.
  17. Is Anyone Else Seeing What I Am Seeing?

    I drove a small ‘89 Toyota Pickup for many years, and it was wonderful. The Maverick will fill that void rather well. It’ll tow my small boat, carry my bikes, pick up stuff from Home Depot, etc. The great price sealed the deal. If I could buy a “new” Toyota truck like my old one for the price of...

    I would prefer a union shop that takes care of its employees by paying good wages, providing decent benefits & healthcare, and putting safety first. But beyond that I don’t care whether a Canadian, American, Mexican, or Korean makes my car.
  19. Tips on buying for a first time new car owner.

    Consumer Reports has some great articles and tips for buying a new car: New & Used Car Buying Guide - Consumer Reports
  20. Ordering sight unseen and never driven?

    When buying new cars, I've always focused first on the specifications, features, MPG, price, options, reliability, etc. In other words, nothing that requires me to touch the actual vehicle. Only once I've narrowed the choices down, do I actually set foot in a dealership to verify that I'm...