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  1. Subwoofer under the seat?

    I don’t think so. Road vibration is much higher g force. In fact, ideally the sub vibrates very little. It is just trying to move air back and forth. The weight of the cone is relatively small compared to the enclosure.
  2. Post Your Scheduled For Production & VIN Assigned 2022 Maverick Order! 🤩

    Reservation means very little. When the dealer with whom you made the reservation sends in, you will get an email from Ford, not the dealer. Read more here at MTC on other posts. Most people who placed an order got theier email from Ford in a few minutes, most by 1 day, a few in a couple days...
  3. Post Your Scheduled For Production & VIN Assigned 2022 Maverick Order! 🤩

    It was funny watching someone enter this on GoogleDocs real time 2 seconds after I read this.
  4. A specific eCVT transaxle question

    I think of it this way: the Starter Charger (SC)motor can run forward or reverse, it don't care. The ICE has a sweet spot, let's say 3kRPM. When not moving, engine running, you hit the "gas" the engine jumps to a sweet spot in RPM, and the SC motor runs at -3kRPM, and the wheels are not moving...
  5. How pertinent is this electrical info (pre-wired for two 20 amp, 12 volt outputs) ?

    Isn't Ford using A2B to interface to amps? If so, that would be the best way to get the audio to your amp, I think. See
  6. EcoBoost Maverick, really ?

    The people here are early adopters who like more power and flashy colors. Fleet managers will be buying white XT hybrids by the bucket full, IMHO.
  7. Article: Why The Ford Maverick Had to Be a Hybrid

    I thought of that too, but it may have to do with corporate average fuel economy. CAFE
  8. No Maverick eCVT hybrid transmissions produced YET....

    Your comment above indicates you may know, but for others, from MWS: " Square magnet wire is useful where space constraints are concerned. When formed into a coil an equivalent amount of square wire put in a coil can be placed in a tighter coil configuration than the same amount of round wire...
  9. Article: Why The Ford Maverick Had to Be a Hybrid

    I do not recall seeing this this mentioned here, but it makes tons of sense as to why trucks seemed to be growing over the years: "It comes down to how the government calculates fuel economy targets for light trucks. It’s a convoluted and somewhat contradictory voodoo formula that applies...
  10. Pics: Cactus Gray Maverick Lariat & XLT Hybrid w/ Spray Bed Liner and Bed Extender

    Slightly tangential, but it seems the Lariat has Michelin tires in the first picture, not the Contis on the Xxx.
  11. Ordered Maverick in Oxford White and now seeing pics I might be regretting it

    I ordered Oxford White, but if they had a pearl white I would have got that. There's no denying that white is cooler when parked in the sun.
  12. B&O amp and subwoofer behind passenger rear seat [clear pic]

    Nice. I am trying to find more information, other than "BO Premium". Is this the ECG sub used in the F150?
  13. Lowering springs for Maverick

    Here's a reason to lower 1 inch" a shelf in the garage
  14. Actual Maverick Dimensions? Good CAD Drawing?

    LOL, indeed. The front of the shelf is covered in carpet for this very reason.
  15. Actual Maverick Dimensions? Good CAD Drawing?

    This one looks like a CAD drawing. When scaled to wheelbase, height is correct.
  16. Actual Maverick Dimensions? Good CAD Drawing?

    Hi everyone Does anyone have a confirmed dimensional drawing of the Maverick? I am trying to determine if the Maverick indeed fits in my garage. It has to fit, as condo rules require all cars in garages except for visitors. Also, there is a large shelf at the back of the garage. The shelf could...
  17. Ordering in Southern California?

    Wow, so I now have one ordered! Thanks 2CAFN8D! All the steps were done by email and phone.