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  1. 2022 Maverick Spied With New Accessories (Black Trims, Hood Bulge / Scoop, Wheel Arches, Window Air Deflectors) 📸

    I'd be all in on the wheel arches if they were made available separately. I think they would add some contrast to the Area 51 color as well.
  2. Maverick scheduling commitment @ 4PM Eastern. Spray bedliner and 2.5L engine only constraints currently

    Same - seems pretty lame to hype up the hybrid being standard and then only start out making the non-standard build. (n)
  3. Your Maverick Specs

    Remote start and the other features of the Ford Pass app are free. You would just have to pay to utilize the hotspot built into the truck.
  4. Maverick Drive Modes

    Different make but in my Honda, Eco is a little less "responsive" but helps the fuel economy. Sport is basically the opposite where the car is a lot peppier and is quicker off the line. Nothing earth shattering or "race car" like. Basically Eco is good for city or highway driving and sport can...