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  1. Maverick will get Ford's new Refresh95 advanced cabin air filter

    What is the recommended cycle for cleaning?
  2. Maverick will get Ford's new Refresh95 advanced cabin air filter

    The filter are great , getting to them is a nightmare.
  3. Upcoming Auto Shows w/ Maverick?

    Auto Shows I could locate, Best to call local dealers to see if Ford will have Mavericks. NY Auto show. Aug 20-29, 2021 Las Vegas. Sept 9- 20, 2021 SEMA for accessories Nov 2-5,2021. (Las Vegas) Albany NY. Nov 5-7,2021 Miami. Oct 16-24 2021 Tampa Bay. Nov 19-21. 2021...
  4. Sorry - I have to ask... (1L water bottles storage)

    Try renting a Mustang convertible…. Bumping your head trying to get in and out and closing the trunk lid on your fingers…same day…ouch!
  5. Video: Maverick in Velocity Blue (XL) + Iconic Silver, Hot Pepper Red, Cyber Orange -- From Hermosillo Mexico Plant

    It,s the cost of …..Healthcare, the Union wages, SSA match, Local property tax, insurance, EPA regulation, OSHA rules, working conditions. All of which are Not in the cost structure in a vehicle produced in Mexico.
  6. ~26.6 MPG for 2.0L Maverick Lariat FX4!

    The mileage is for the 2.0 liter engine not for the hybrid.
  7. Documentation Fees at your dealer?

    Like all the taxes on your cable or cell phone bill,PROFIT.
  8. Documentation Fees at your dealer?

    Excellent but not in Florida, many dealers will not even accept Plan Pricing. Try to get a dealer for the Costco Plan….one in Alabama,Bronco Sport-and one in Wisconsin ,Maverick.
  9. Oil change schedule / interval? Synthetic?

    If you use your Ford Pass points it will cost just a little to upgrade to Full Synthetic, if you want your truck to run properly just follow the manual time or mileage intervals. I use Full Syn only from the dealership 5000 miles max because of carbon buildup in my Escape, I also switch between...
  10. Ford Maverick Lightning Electric Truck speculated & imagined (rendering)

    Frankly forum members wouldn’t a setup with the one liter engine and electric motors work better? The one Liter engine could act as a generator or power boost when needed. Since everyone is dreaming might as well dream big.
  11. Hood gas struts for Maverick

    Can you post pics of the rods and location?
  12. Sorry - I have to ask... (1L water bottles storage)

    Or red wine for the ladies.
  13. Documentation Fees at your dealer?

    Mullinax Ford has no fees.
  14. Hood gas struts for Maverick

    A word of caution about the Maverick and Bronco Sport hoods . I recently was at a Ford Dealership and a Bronco Sport was in the repair area, I inquired as It was New still with the sticker on window. The response was the salesperson opened the hood for a customer to see then left it open, a gust...

    I,ll remain A Ford Customer!
  16. Maverick X plan explained, lease deals offered

    Check out maverick New lease opportunities except xl model, description of discounts plans and pricing.
  17. 2022 Maverick production week scheduling starts next week!

    Google …used Ford Broncos and 1400 units will appear. The Area managers probably will be given Maverick builds to build excitement among dealers. As always to keep unit price up they will limited initial delivers then as the assembly line receives all necessary build parts the deliveries will...