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  1. Art_Vandelay

    ActiveX Seating Materials in Maverick -- Reviews / Feedback?

    I had a BMW with a similar material on the seats pros: it’s cheaper than leather it doesn’t age poorly like leather its easier to repair than leather cons: it doesn’t breathe like leather at ten years into ownership the seats still looked just as good as the day I bought the car while my...
  2. Art_Vandelay

    How would you transport a 14' kayak or long pieces of lumber on a maverick?

    I plan on getting the Yakima overhaul HD kit if it fits the maverick and probably a roof rack as well so I can take my 14’ bonafide anywhere I want to go fishing.
  3. Art_Vandelay

    MTC vs Dealer Salesman

    It’s amazing how poorly educated a lot of sales people are on the products they sell especially when it comes to car sales where they would only need to learn a handful of vehicles and their options. I had the same experience when I went to negotiate a deal on my mother’s RAV4 hybrid...
  4. Art_Vandelay

    CVT thoughts/concerns

    How do people still not understand the difference between a CVT and a hybrid cars’s eCVT? They have been in production cars for twenty years and have mechanically nothing in common with a belt driven CVT.
  5. Art_Vandelay

    EcoBoost Maverick, really ?

    Technology that attempts to replace you simply turning your head and visually verifying your path is clear is not a saftey feature in my book.
  6. Art_Vandelay

    EcoBoost Maverick, really ?

    Did you miss the part where i said “barely existed“ and mistakenly read “didn’t exist”? The average car buyer did not have an on demand AWD system on their vehicle and it was a considered a luxury upgrade if one was even offered at all. Everyone was fine and only portion of the country even sees...
  7. Art_Vandelay

    Long McArthur Scheduling Update

    Do we have any details on what the lead time is like between scheduling and delivery? Let’s say a maverick is scheduled early august, how long before the truck arrives at the dealership?
  8. Art_Vandelay

    EcoBoost Maverick, really ?

    Nope. I’m buying the lariat for adaptive cruise and lane centering. It has nothing to do with safety and everything to do with wanting something resembling self driving for my 50 miles a day of highway travel and four hour long drives to my cabin. I could care less about blind spot monitoring...
  9. Art_Vandelay

    EcoBoost Maverick, really ?

    These slip and grip AWD systems barely existed a decade ago and now people act like the can’t possibly drive through a dusting of snow without them. its hilarious.
  10. Art_Vandelay

    EcoBoost Maverick, really ?

    Prius has 121hp, maverick hybrid has 191hp. That’s a big difference.
  11. Art_Vandelay

    EcoBoost Maverick, really ?

    I agree with you there.
  12. Art_Vandelay

    EcoBoost Maverick, really ?

    I’m an also not impressed by 26mpg to be honest. It’s not terrible but it’s far from impressive. My f150 gets 20mpg. I personally wouldn’t downsize for that kind of fuel savings. I would be giving up the ride height, ride comfort, cabin space, high residual value and a significant amount of...
  13. Art_Vandelay

    Sell me on Lariat Luxury Package

    There is a brake hold and I’m pretty sure it’s standard.
  14. Art_Vandelay

    Sell me on Lariat Luxury Package

    There is a big difference between lane keeping and lane centering.
  15. Art_Vandelay

    Sell me on Lariat Luxury Package

    Even normal distance driving. I drive 23 miles on the freeway each way to and from work. That’s 46 miles a day that a vehicle with adaptive cruise and lane centering can drive for me. I feel like a lot of people don’t realize how powerful the combination of those two technologies is. It’s as...
  16. Art_Vandelay

    HOT PEPPER RED Maverick Club

    Just a $1 large coke. I have a raging caffeine addiction and I think they put some sort of flavor magic in McDonald’s fountain coke. It’s liquid happiness. Not in that weather. The photo is true to color.
  17. Art_Vandelay

    Any dash pictures of Lariat hybrid?

    The hybrid lariat will look just like the fx4 except for the left gauge being a needle that indicates power usage instead of RPM.
  18. Art_Vandelay

    HOT PEPPER RED Maverick Club

    I would just like to announce that I have defected from the cactus grey club and changed my order to hot pepper red. I saw the pics of the the test drive model at the Chicago auto show and that got me thinking and then this morning I was behind a ranger of the same color and I knew I wanted to...
  19. Art_Vandelay

    Do I really need the XLT Lux package? 🧐

    Dave Ramsay’s advice is for the financially illiterate.