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  1. Waitingtosee

    Looking for dealer in GA, AL, SC, or TN for Maverick

    I had the same experience at Marshal Mize except they told me they would likely refund my $500 deposit if I decided I didn’t want it when it arrived. They know they will be able to sell it if I don’t take it!
  2. Waitingtosee

    No Maverick eCVT hybrid transmissions produced YET....

    Good info! Disappointing since I ordered a hybrid but good information none the less. Thanks for posting…
  3. Waitingtosee

    Ford Stock: Really Cheap

    I bought a bunch in late March 2020 right at $7/shr. It has been a really good investment so far. Might sell a little to help me buy my Maverick! 😉
  4. Waitingtosee

    Video: Hands-on Preview With 2022 Ford Maverick XLT Hybrid [Cactus Gray content]

    My uncle had a F-100 on his farm and let me drive it around when I was 13. It was great! It would have been pretty cool if Ford had done that but I am good with the name of Maverick too!
  5. Waitingtosee

    Sell me on Lariat Luxury Package

    I have a 2021 Ford Explorer Limited with ACC and it is similar. You have to keep you hand on the wheel or it shuts off and the lane centering runs the vehicle to close to the center line for my tastes as well. I suspect the Maverick will be the same. I still love the stop and go part of the ACC...
  6. Waitingtosee

    Who would prefer a 2dr, extended cab, with 5ft bed ?

    Nope I prefer the crew cab hands down!
  7. Waitingtosee

    Rapid Red First Edition Club

    Ordered my FWD Hybrid FE on July 14th and it currently has a priority of 19 according to my salesman. Honestly not expecting to see it to the end of the year at the earliest.
  8. Waitingtosee

    Video: Maverick in Velocity Blue (XL) + Iconic Silver, Hot Pepper Red, Cyber Orange -- From Hermosillo Mexico Plant

    I saw that in the brochure with all the options they posted a few days ago on this site.
  9. Waitingtosee

    Figured I'd add something in here. Ordered from Alabama. Looking forward to my first Hybrid and Truck. What did you buy?

    Ordered Rapid Red FE and live in Chattanooga, Tn! Ordered from Marshal Mize Ford in Hixson, Tn.
  10. Waitingtosee

    Adding interior ambient lighting?

    I only see Sync 3 listed under the Lariat Lux package. The other trims just say apple car play and android auto but it looks like they don’t have all the sync3 features… check out the sheet posted earlier tonight… maybe I am missing something but looks like full sync 3 is only on the lariat.
  11. Waitingtosee

    New Lawsuit Targets Ford EcoBoost Four-Cylinder Coolant Leaks

    I have 2013 Fusion with the 1.6 liter eco boost engine. It has 90K+ miles on it and I have never had an issue. It still gets 30+ mpg on the highway and around 26 mpg in town. It has been one of the best vehicles I have every owned and I have owned a lot over the years. Just FYI…
  12. Waitingtosee

    Talk To Me Goose

    That would look good on a ball cap too!
  13. Waitingtosee

    What do you like LEAST about the Maverick?

    No AWD with the hybrid! Also, that I have to wait months to get it! 😀
  14. Waitingtosee

    2022 Maverick Order Tracking List & Stats [Enter Yours!]

    Placed my order for a Rapid Red First Edition 2 days ago in Hixson, TN. Received my order confirmation that evening! Added it to the order list on this forum too!