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  1. ThatWretchCasey

    Ford Smart Access Key and Keypad questions.

    Does the XLT come with Intelligent Access and proximity doors, or are you asking about the Keypad?
  2. ThatWretchCasey

    Ford Smart Access Key and Keypad questions.

    If it must be locked via keypad can the other key unlock it or can it only be unlocked via keypad?
  3. ThatWretchCasey

    Ford Smart Access Key and Keypad questions.

    Since it has a keypad, can you leave the Smart Access key inside the locked vehicle or will this mean anyone can then open the vehicle since the key is in proximity? Example you're going for a walk/swim/etc. and want to leave the key in the locked vehicle and want to use the Keypad to unlock...
  4. ThatWretchCasey

    Seat to ground distance?

    Update: @kingranchero reports that it's approximately 23 5/8" Anyone into on the seat to ground distance?
  5. ThatWretchCasey

    Planned purchases / mods for your Maverick?

    What is something useful or fun you have purchased for other vehicles you've owned, or something specific you're looking at getting for the Maverick?
  6. ThatWretchCasey

    Sell me on Lariat Luxury Package

    I've already ordered my Lariat with the Luxury Package. I am looking at it now and the Lux Package seems to not be worth it. To get it you have to also add the 360 package and that totals almost $4K. In your opinion what makes it worth that?
  7. ThatWretchCasey

    Front License Plate Holder / Frame Location on Maverick?

    Anyone seen where the front plate will be mounted? Pics if yougot them.
  8. ThatWretchCasey

    Screen Cubby Project

    Anyone have the actual measurements of the cubby?
  9. ThatWretchCasey

    40mpg - Tested or Estimated?

    Can confirm.
  10. ThatWretchCasey

    Figured I'd add something in here. Ordered from Alabama. Looking forward to my first Hybrid and Truck. What did you buy?

    Carbonized Grey Metallic Hybrid Lariat Louisiana 5th Truck (After my 03 Ranger was totalled over 4-years-ago, I've been in a Ford Focus for mileage reasons. Will be nice to return to a truck AND get better mileage.)
  11. ThatWretchCasey

    2022 Maverick Order Tracking List & Stats [Enter Yours!]

    Completed the form. Lariat Hybrid Louisiana