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  1. balucipher

    Only Person with a VIN and No Scheduling Email?

    Maybe your spam filter blocked it If you have a VIN you're scheduled
  2. balucipher

    Post Your Scheduled For Production & VIN Assigned 2022 Maverick Order! 🤩

    I think it's important to get what you want without compromising to try and game the scheduling system. If you value the lux package items, get it.
  3. balucipher

    How will Ambient Lighting look?

    It's "ice blue" in the esourcebook
  4. balucipher

    Which Bed Liner?

    search Line-X in google near you and read reviews
  5. balucipher

    How soon can a stock vehicle be sold to customers?

    Stock trucks are trucks that the dealer ordered for inventory. If you've ever gone to a new car lot and bought a car from the lot, you bought a dealer's stock truck. I'd imagine the dealer isn't looking to stockpile Mavericks on their lots and hold them for months for Ford. There isn't a...
  6. balucipher

    What age group Maverick buyer are you?

    I have no idea lmao
  7. balucipher

    Video & Pics: Cactus Gray Maverick Lariat FX4 w/ Protective Film, Black Wheels, Hard Tonneau [@ EAA Airventure]

    That protective film will look bad very quickly, especially on lighter colors Get a tint shop or wrap shop that covers the entire panel in film so the edges don't accumulate dirt and show
  8. balucipher

    80k+ Maverick reservations so far! (per Ford's Q2 earnings call)

    Probably My initial reservation, the dealer has never contacted me. The next day, Granger posted their offer and I placed another reservation through them and got that order placed.
  9. balucipher

    Maverick FX4 off-road capability?

    Yeah, Maverick is on a longer wheelbase and the bumpers aren't as high clearance as the BS, so approach and departure will be less. But it'll be effectively the same suspension setup and AWD parts so you can gauge traction, durability etc The BS is basically best in class for offroading and tbh...
  10. balucipher

    Different front grills on certain Mavericks?

    From the eSourceBook
  11. balucipher

    Different front grills on certain Mavericks?

    XL gets a black bar across XLT gets a grey bar across Lariat gets a silver bar across Lariat Lux and First Edition get a silver bar across with the radar sensor for adaptive cruise control in the bottom center of the mesh area If you look really closely at the mesh area, the black mesh area on...
  12. balucipher

    My Order Got Picked

    Keep us updated and let us know if you get an email from Ford on Thursday or Friday with your VIN
  13. balucipher

    2022 Maverick OKTB (OK To Buy) is approximately 9/15. Stock units will be built first.

    Tesla didn't give me any info Went from delivery in 4-7 weeks to delivery in 2 weeks to delivery in 4-6 weeks to a text saying "your Vin is ready please buy insurance" to "can you pick up on Friday" Porsche is cool now because they send you a picture of the car somewhere along the assembly...
  14. balucipher

    Maverick FX4 off-road capability?

    I'd check to see where people on the bronco sport forums are getting to in their base and big bend models. I assume it'll be pretty close
  15. balucipher

    Just in from Ford (7/26): Maverick Retail Orders starts scheduling 7/29, including Hybrid retail orders!

    @Granger Ford any updates on what got previewed today? All 2.0s?
  16. balucipher

    235 Aggressive AT tires should be standard in FX4 package

    Well that's annoying
  17. balucipher

    235 Aggressive AT tires should be standard in FX4 package

    I ordered a XLT 2.0 4K FX4 with CoPilot and the full size spare Did anyone catch a glimpse of the spare on the Rapid Red First Edition wearing 235s? Was the spare a matching Falken or another brand?