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  1. To the tremors owners

    Good luck with whatever you decide!
  2. To the tremors owners

    Man appearance package too? Plus that one has adaptive cruise. Looks like a damn good deal. That's my biggest regret with getting an XLT, no adaptive cruise.
  3. To the tremors owners

    I'm just a random internet dude with an Avalanche Grey Tremor on order. I vote go for it, if you like it more than the one you ordered and it suits your budget.
  4. To the tremors owners

    Do you still have one on order? No build date?
  5. To the tremors owners

    I remember, we talked a long time ago. I have (on order) a Tremor XLT, but man the black lariet Tremor seats are nice, plus you get the leather steering wheel. In this market 38k is a pretty damn good deal. I'm seeing xlt Tremors on the 40's. If you like the color and look, I say go for it.
  6. To the tremors owners

    Is it a Lariet for 38k? Personally I like the look, and you won't see very many other Tremor mavs out in the world. It has a better ride than the fx4. I don't give a shit about towing, my current car is a 2011 Accord coupe V6 M6. So long story short, worth it if it's a Lariet (value wise)...
  7. 2.0 Ecoboost reliability??

    Care to elaborate?
  8. Cubby Ejecto Seato!

    Reviving this thread because I just found it and I think it's cool. I'd be interested if you ever sold a kit, but would be interested in the file. Another cool thing that's very similar could be a faux nitrous button under the flip cap. I like your sense of humor OP.
  9. Roof diffuser / vortex generator

    I've had vortex generators on a couple of cars. The difference in wind noise will be minimal and the increase in aerodynamics will be basically null. Maybe if you have a tonneau cover with a spoiler at the tailgate. If you think it looks good tho, go for it. Personally I like the look, and it...
  10. Hi, New here. Is this a good deal or should I walk?

    It probably jump on it, the market is crazy for hybrids RN. You can always order one in July exactly how you want, then trade the one you've been driving in on it. The trade value will still be great.
  11. 📬 5/18/23 Scheduling Email Received Group [EMAILS NOW ARRIVING]

    ⏰ Time email was received - 9:54 ct 📅 Your scheduled build week - July 10 🔢(If you have it) 3FTTW8G94PRA713XX 🛻 All relevant build info (EB XLT Avalanche Tremor, Spray in Bedliner, Cp360) 📍 Your region, if comfortable (Central Texas west of Austin) 🗓 Your original order date (first day Tremors...
  12. 🗓️ Maverick Scheduling This Week (5/18/23) For Retail, Fleet, XLT & Lariat Orders. Current Constraints List (Production weeks 7/3-7/24)

    Found a Colorado Trailboss optioned the way I want that's inbound. If I don't get scheduled Thursday, I'm leaning towards making a move on it.
  13. Ford 45 day notice

    45 day emails don't mean anything. I wish people would stop posting about them.
  14. Next big scheduling Thursday?

    Yeah I take his word pretty much as gospel, I must have overlooked it. Thank you!
  15. Next big scheduling Thursday?

    Is Thursday coming up the big scheduling day or is the following Thursday? I think it's always 2nd Thursday, but thus also the earliest 2nd Thursday since they went to one big schedule day a month.
  16. 45 Day Notices

    Cliff notes: 45 day emails don't mean crap.
  17. 🗓️ Maverick Clean-Up Scheduling This Week (5/4/23) for Production Weeks 6/19 Through 6/26

    Has there been talk of eruption green coming to Maverick or are you just hoping? That green is a great color.
  18. Speed Limiter Set To 108MPH

    I miss my M1000SIE.