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  1. ATLAS BLUE Maverick Club

    Ok... ok... I picked her up last Thursday and I'll admit it's a pretty great color
  2. NEW Maverick TREND! (who wants to start one with me?): # Days to Receive My Truck Sticker

    I've had this page saved since you first posted it and was finally able to order my 470 days sticker. Thank you for putting this thread together.
  3. October Hybrid Orders United

    Oh yes. I fully intended to.
  4. October Hybrid Orders United

    After 470 days I finally got to bring her home!
  5. ATLAS BLUE Maverick Club

    I'm only here because they discontinued Velocity Blue and I had to pick a new color. But I guess Atlas Blue would be my second pick 🤣. Seems like a good color though.
  6. October Hybrid Orders United

    I talked to Chat to find out where it was. The gave me an ETA of Feb 9th. I'm gonna go nuts if it's that close and just sitting there for that long. 🥴
  7. October Hybrid Orders United

    And now it waits in the rail yard... for a transport truck... 1 hour away from my house. 😑 Can I just go pick it up myself? 😂
  8. WeatherTech vs. TuxMat

    Unfortunately it's just the ecoboost set that's in stock. Hybrid set is still out off stock.
  9. WeatherTech vs. TuxMat

    I sent an email to tuxmat asking if they knew when the mats would be back in stock. I was told they are looking at approximately late spring. Personally, I don't care for the look of the rubber mats like weather tech. Someone posted earlier this week on 3D MAXpider mats that looked like a...
  10. October Hybrid Orders United

    original order 10/14/2021 - Today the tracker is showing that it shipped 🥳🎉 Only 3 more months until it's here :ROFLMAO:
  11. Anyone who placed an order in 2021 still waiting for their Maverick?

    And now it's built 🥳. And based on other people's experiences... Only 1 more month waiting for it to ship, 1 more month for it to be completely lost and no one having a clue were it is, 2 more months stuck in some shipping yard 45 minutes away from my dealership waiting for a transport, and then...
  12. Anyone who placed an order in 2021 still waiting for their Maverick?

    10/14/2021... The tracker shows that the modules started clicking on today. It might actually be happening. 😲 🤣
  13. Anyone who placed an order in 2021 still waiting for their Maverick?

    Yup, Oct 14th... tracker says in production. So there is hope.
  14. Anyone else have this unusual issue? Marijuana smell coming from your vehicle?

    My only fear would be them seizing the vehicle for evidence and them keeping it indefinitely.
  15. October Hybrid Orders United

    Well my 10/14/2021 canceled VIN order was finally given a build date of Jan 3. Plus my Window Sticker materialized today. I'm still too afraid to be optimistic even at this point though :ROFLMAO:.
  16. OEDRO® 4.5ft Hard Tri-fold Tonneau Cover?

    Did you end up going with this one? I've been eyeing it but not seeing anyone talking about it.
  17. 📬 12/1/22 Scheduling Email Received Group [EMAILS NOW ARRIVING!]

    It'd be a heck of a way to roll into the new year. I've spent so much time the last year looking at all the aftermarket accessories everyones buying. I think I'm gonna shop around for eveything i dropped. I had also dropped the tonneau cover and I've been eyeing a couple of those. Think I'm...
  18. 📬 12/1/22 Scheduling Email Received Group [EMAILS NOW ARRIVING!]

    Well no email so hopped online to talk with chat (Apparently so did everyone else as I was 24th in the queue 🤣). Was given a VIN and build week of Jan 2. I'm a canceled 2022 VIN order. Originally ordered 11/14/2021. Atlas Blue, Hybrid, Lariat Lux, with both 360 packages. Removed SIBL and...
  19. 2022MY Canceled Orders Transition is Happening Today

    @fordvideoguy are you able to confirm the lariat lux fix, good sir?
  20. Are the hybrids problem vehicles?

    Except for the harness issue, it seems like most the hybrid issues came down to software issues instead of mechanical. So I'd say it's just a matter of getting the programming right.