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  1. Ford Owner Direct Certificate

    Here's my story Ordered a '22 Hybrid Oct 2021. Called Ford Marketing about status of order in late March '22. Due to the delays, they gave me a certificate number for a $750 rebate to be applied when vehicle actually picked up, with the caveat that it expired 4/4/22. Added that I could have...
  2. Problems with tail lights

    Not sure how to PM you. Please explain.
  3. Price protection

    When I ordered in Oct 2021, Maverick's were at their original prices. A few months later, when Ford raised prices, supposedly ALL ORDERS placed prior to that change would be price protected back to original agreed upon pricing. When I picked up my Lariat Lux in October 2022, the sales manager...
  4. Problems with tail lights

    Repairs done and both issues fixed. No more grabby brakes and tail lights working properly!
  5. Problems with tail lights

    Feb 8 they installed the parts and all seems fine now. I've only driven it once, but the brakes are now as normal as any vehicle. The tail lights also seem to be fixed, although it's only been a day. I hope this explanation might help others who may have these issues. It took a while for the...
  6. Problems with tail lights

    The dealer's service department was able to recreate the problem! After various tests they found that the BCM (Body Control Module) was defective. They ordered the part, but do not know how long it will take to get it. Offered me to leave it and use a loaner, or drive it, being careful to...
  7. Problems with tail lights

    I have had my Hybrid Lariat with Lux Package, since 10/28/22. Recently, I was informed by another vehicle's driver that my tail lights were not working. This was after dark. I pulled over and checked, and the tail lights were off, but the brake lights and turn signal lights worked properly...
  8. Hit 1 year - 34,000 miles. Extremely satisfied overall

    How do you get the Over Air Software Update?
  9. Thoughts on color options

    I originally ordered mine (received 10-28-22) in Cactus Gray, and changed to Area 51 the next day after more research and pics viewed on line. Extremely happy that I did that. Yesterday, I pulled my Area 51 into a parking spot at a BJ's location, and while getting out, a Cactus Gray pulled into...
  10. BAK Revolver X4S question

    I recently installed a BAK Revolver X4S on my Maverick. I later took it through a car wash, and got significant amounts of water in the back corners of the bed. I then put a light inside, and could see light when I looked in just above where the tailgate meets the side of the bed. It doesn't...
  11. Area 51 feedback request

    I got my Area 51 Hybrid Lariat Maverick 10/28, and I can say the color is spectacular. It does tend to look a bit more bluish in direct sun, but not at all what I've seen on pics on this site. I'm sure cellphones don't capture the color accurately.
  12. August 29 build week members - update 9/22/22

    I called and was told my 8/29 build week is now 9/5 week.
  13. August 29 build week members - update 9/22/22

    I have my VIN, and a build week of 8/29. It's a Hybrid Lariat Lux CP 360. I've seen posts from quite a few others with the same build week. I haven't seen anyone post any updates on their build week moving from that week, either left or right. I've called Ford Marketing once after receiving my...
  14. ⏰ Maverick Scheduling Next Week (7/18) For Production Build Week 9/12

    Let me see if I understand this correctly Currently announcing 7/18 for builds week of 9/12 Announced 7/11 for builds week of 9/5 These were the post descriptions Announced 7/4 there would be no builds, but this would have been for 8/29 week, if you follow the pattern. I called Ford Marketing...
  15. October Hybrid Orders United

    My Hybrid Lariat Lux 360 order was placed and confirmed on 10/16/2021. I called Ford Marketing on 7/6 and was given my VIN, ending in 906XX, and a Build Week of 8/29/22. Hoping for not too many pushes to the date, but I'm curious why all of a sudden, many October orders are getting scheduled.
  16. ROUGH COUNTRY Hard Low Profile Bed Cover - impressions / feedback?

    In all of the posts and reviews I've seen of it, I haven't seen if it can be folded all the way up against the cab and how it would be secured. Can it be secured in that position? Also, how easy or difficult is it to remove completely to have full access to the bed?
  17. ROUGH COUNTRY Hard Low Profile Bed Cover - impressions / feedback?

    Does anyone have any feedback, positive or negative, after installing and using the cover on their 2022 Maverick? It's less expensive than all the others, but does it keep rain out? Is it easy to open/close?
  18. Received vin number

    I called Ford Marketing and they gave me the VIN as well as a build week of 8/29. I then e-mailed my salesman for confirmation, which he provided after calling Ford himself. He further explained that Ford has stopped sending the dealers an e-mail w.r.t. the VIN being assigned. Moral - call...
  19. No more temp read out on dial?

    Ordered my Hybrid Oct 2021, so obviously I don't have it yet. Shortly after ordering, I downloaded the manual, and it DOES NOT SHOW any digital display at all on the temp control knobs, for either regular or dual zone climate control!
  20. My first tank hybrid fuel economy has me jumping for joy. 49.7 mpg / 401.6 electric miles / 667.6 total miles

    Somewhere on this MTC forum, quite a while ago there was a post about adjusting the computer to display the mpg correctly. In other words, take your 47.7 vs 49.7, figure the percentage difference, and change a setting and this will correct going forward. If someone know where that post is...