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  1. ⚠️ Recall & Delivery Hold on 2.5L Maverick Hybrids for Under Hood Fire (Notice Date 5/31/23)

    I'll just keep marshmallows in the glove box. When Ford gives you lemons...
  2. No Plans for Plug-In Hybrid (PHEV) Maverick Says Mike Levine

    Sign me up for an AWD hybrid in 24, the PHEV in 25, and the EV in 26. Maybe one of them will arrive in my lifetime.
  3. Model Year 2024 Maverick Order Banks Open 7/17 and Production Starts 10/17

    Waited 501 days for my 23, but I hate to say I'll put in an order for a PHEV or AWD hybrid if available in 24. Guess I'm a bit of a masochist.
  4. Proud Members of the 500 Days Waiting Club

    Picked mine up on day 501. Dealer redeemed themselves through a quick easy sale. Decent trade in, no hassles. Hope the same for all you 500 Clubbers.
  5. Bed Package Discount but no SIB?

    Typical order tracking page nonsense. If there's no discount on the window sticker, you'll be paying for it.
  6. 📬 2/16/23 Scheduling Email Received Group [EMAILS NOT YET ARRIVING]

    Sitting at the dealership waiting to pick up my new Mav after 500 days. Hang in there.
  7. Ask your dealer about VINView if you're eager to track your Maverick order

    Too bad you can't bypass the dealer and sign up for the alerts yourself. My truck is arriving this coming week and the dealer/FoMoCo hasn't even given me the VIN or alerted me it was built/shipped. Sigh.
  8. Progression of Order Status?

    Not already scheduled...Enjoy your new Colorado.
  9. Longest wait ?

    10/1/21, top 10? Supposedly arriving by 2/20/23. Of course the dealer has told me nothing. It's all tracker and chat.
  10. Slippery mode on ice.

    Not a fan of ice, but in WI snow isn't easy or fun to drive in.
  11. Finally showing as built

    Mine showed built at 7AM, and back in production at 9AM. Guess it was missing something. Maybe an engine or a tire. Who knows?
  12. Anyone else showing the wrong trim on Ford Tracker?

    Order tracker hasn't been accurate for several days. Under packages you may also find 500a for the Lariat, even though you have an XLT on order.
  13. Invalid VIN? Ford Tracking of Jan 12th production email received

    I had that yesterday. It also said I had an XL, not XLT, and the Lariat package along with the XLT. Someone in Ford IT is going to have a busy Monday.
  14. Invalid VIN? Ford Tracking of Jan 12th production email received

    Motorcraft site is also having issues. Server not responding.
  15. Invalid VIN? Ford Tracking of Jan 12th production email received

    Same for me. Tracker has been screwed up all weekend. It'll get fixed eventually.
  16. 2022-2023 Rollover Order Has Extras?

    We've driven order tracker insane! Currently I have an an XL, XLT, Lariat. I'll check 100 times today to see if it's better. Nothing crazy about that.
  17. Order tracking site is messed up!

    Wish I had a dealership that responds to questions instead of depending on the undependable tracker.
  18. Information about my general order~thanks for your help

    My truck must be going down the line with yours! 1425/2086. Never thought it would happen. Ever.
  19. ONLY Hybrid Mavericks being scheduled this week on 1/12/23!

    Good luck unscheduled rollovers! Scheduled in November, given 5 build dates in January, but none of them have stuck. My dart keeps falling out of the Ford production dartboard. 465 days of joyful anticipation.
  20. Anyone who placed an order in 2021 still waiting for their Maverick?

    10/1/21-January build date has changed repeatedly. "It's on our to do list" is not what I'd call scheduled. Forgive the unfounded impatience after only 462 days, but I'm tired of all this best guess BS.