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  1. Your delivery delays could always be worse....................

    At least your Maverick won't catch fire and sink in the Atlantic. https://jalopnik.com/cargo-ship-full-of-european-cars-left-to-burn-in-the-at-1848553606
  2. Ford patents magnetic bed for trucks

  3. Mavericks are problematic so you'd rather have a Sante Fe?

  4. Custom Maverick on IG

  5. Maverick not truly a Unibody?

    While I was installing my dashcam this afternoon this caught my eye. The rear quarter panels are bolted on. At the door there's not even a bonding agent applied at the top. I could gently separate the surfaces. I'm guessing that it's design like this for body repairs vs a true unibody vehicle...
  6. Fords choice of Maverick as a name

    I was running around yest in my Maverick and I realized how more car like it is vs truck which made me wonder why they didn't revive the Ranchero name?
  7. Which model is the power mirror with spotter glass standard on?

    I bought a XLT with the luxury package. If you believe the Ford website it states the spotter mirrors are standard on the XLT. My truck has the standard, non-spotter mirror. Was mine supposed to have one or did it possibly have the standard mirror installed by mistake?