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  1. Illinois 1 heated seat kit & lumbar kit - Rostra

    Also have a spare OEM key and cone intake filter that was never installed Heated seat and lumbar still available. Want it all gone. $150 for it all
  2. Anyone find plug n play tweeters?

    got these https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B079G199KB/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  3. Anyone find plug n play tweeters?

    Alpine type s Decent upgrade for sure would be better with an amp
  4. Illinois 1 heated seat kit & lumbar kit - Rostra

    Bought some fuse taps too that will go with both
  5. Illinois FS: OEM Keyfob

    Thanks, but are they aren’t as good as an oem one.
  6. Illinois 1 heated seat kit & lumbar kit - Rostra

    ROSTRA 250-1900 Details of the kit: https://www.rostra.com/new-vehicle-seat-heater-by-rostra.php Brand new; never used. Enough for 1 seat $65 shipped (within the USA) Also have a Rostra 250-1453 Universal Automotive Lumbar Support brand new as well Looks like this...
  7. Illinois FS: OEM Keyfob

    OEM key fob, hardly used. You will need to program it to your truck and get a new key blank. (won't be sending the part of the actual key itself since it won't work for your truck anyway) no idea what the going rate is so lets say $75 OBO
  8. Illinois WTB: Heated seat switch

    Nope, sold the truck
  9. Illinois Chicago - 2022 Maverick XLT ecoboost

    2022 ford maverick XLT Ecoboost 26k miles FWD Trailer hitch F360 blind spot detection Tinted front windows Alpine typeS front door speakers Ford soft cover Ford all weather floor mats Has a lein on it Asking $32k
  10. Underbody shield knocking / flapping under vehicle (when driving on highway)

    Mine comes and goes. It’s weird. Did it for the first few thousand miles then every now and again it happens
  11. Illinois WTB: Roll up/TruXedo/Tonneau cover

    Got one, thanks
  12. Sub install help?

    Well then a 10” it is! Be nice to find an off the shelf sub box I can shove in there Or one of those sub boxes made for 2dr pick up trucks and shove that behind the back seat
  13. Sub install help?

    I think I’m just making this more complicated than it has to be I think I can get away with 1/4” board screwed directly to the bracket and mount the amp/sub on top of it. Probably be really tight but should work started running the speaker wires through the center but it’s way to cold to...
  14. Sub install help?

    That looks really good. Sadly the brackets on my speaker are on the long ends. You don't get any noticeable vibration from being mounted there? I did cut some 3" wide 1/2" thick wood and notched around that bracket and screwed the sub in but it's not very sturdy but I don't think it will move...
  15. Sub install help?

    too long/wide with the feet on it. otherwise could maybe fit but it will be tight got the uss10
  16. Sub install help?

    I have an idea I’ll play with today, any idea what the thread/pitch of those studs are? I have speaker wire from the amp kit all ready to go, just not sure if I want to use t taps or spend time soldering.