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  1. Malyk's Maverick XL Thread

    Nice work! Flew up to Seattle to catch a Mariners game a few years ago and then slid up to Vancouver for a Paul McCartney concert at BC Place. We walked from downtown up to Prospect Point Lookout in Stanley Park. What a beautiful place :)
  2. Love my new Hot Red Pepper Maverick

    Welcome to the club 😎
  3. Picked up our new Maverick today

    LOL! I have an XT5 as well, and the fit/finish/solid feel of my Mav is remarkably similar to the Caddy ;)
  4. Picked up our new Maverick today

    I picked up my Lariat FX4 4K back in January after a 15 month wait. To be honest, I was surprised how well put-together and solid the truck was. Very comfy, smooth ride. Still the same after about 3K miles ;)
  5. Windshield sunshade which did you buy?

    Living in the Texas Hill country, my only real concern is keeping the summer heat out. My vehicles live in the garage, so I really don't need any kind of frost protection in the winter. The sun shield would not work well "outside" of the vehicle as it is designed to fit snugly to the inside of...
  6. News To Me About New Maverick Tires: Nitrogen

    Usually a dealer add 😉
  7. Windshield sunshade which did you buy?

    I just roll it up tight and keep it on the floor behind the drivers seat. If you have four passengers, you can either toss it in the bed (assuming you have a bed cover of some kind), or you might be able to stash it behind the back seat (have not tried that one yet ;)). I fits great and works...
  8. 2024 Tacoma Revealed! Now With Hybrid Model 🔋

    Was it like the Jaguar F1 racing green?
  9. Anyone else's insurance premiums increasing?

    Mine went down compared to my 2016 coupe ;)
  10. Was airbag recall extended to 2023?

    Private offer was only for unbuilt 2022's that had to be rolled over to 2023 models. Deal with Ford directly on that if you're in the rollover situation. A misspelled name, address, anything can fubar the whole thing. Everything has to match regarding your original order name, address, etc...
  11. Turn Off visual seat belt indicator

    All part of safety features to keep us from hurting ourselves or someone else. Different times: I remember jumping bicycles over creeks, off of roofs, racing, and never wore a helmet. Also chased the "Fog man" on our bikes as he blew out DDT to kill mosquitos in Houston. One more thing, the...
  12. Turn Off visual seat belt indicator

    I gotta push multiple buttons to program what I want it to do, and THEN I have to push "START"! Then, if you don't shut the door just right, you have to open it again and shut it, then push "START" all over again! What a PITA ;)
  13. Turn Off visual seat belt indicator

    So taking 1 second to push the button is just too much for ya ;)
  14. Scratches on infotainment screen

    Nope. Nothing yet after four months. But to be honest, I don't touch it very often ;)
  15. Dogs in the Lariat? Scratches / damage?

    I have a cover for the back seat. Covers the seat cushions and the back cushion just right. No sling-type cover for me. My Aussie-doodle does not get on the doors or front seats. She's a good traveler ;)
  16. Lasfit LED upgrade done

    Only replaced the reverse lights and the upper brake light. Cargo lights are plenty bright, and brake/taillight are too 😉
  17. Ford Extended Service Plan Review

    BTB warranty is still in place. So really nothing to compare to 😉 Come back after at least 5 years to get any relevant data 🤷‍♂️
  18. Anyone else feels Maverick steering is a bit "heavy"?

    About the same as my Caddy, and lighter than my coupe ;) Feels about right for the AWD with bigger tires.
  19. Camper Shell ordered over a year ago

    He’s out cash! Have your attorney send them a demand letter.