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  1. S&B Filters Ecoboost Cold Air Intake

    But how does it sound?
  2. Winter Investments

    Depends on your timeline. Personally, I'll do Vanguard funds any day.
  3. My Iconic Silver XL Build

    Painted my stock steelies black a month ago. Used a can of engine block paint and I think its already wearing away. Oh well, they are being used with my snow tires only. Could just be dirty AF. Place an order for the Truxedo rail system. Hopefully it will fit under my soft folding tonneau...
  4. Anyone tried to Use Roof Bike Rack in Bed?

    A HUUUGE thanks for me for this post and picture. 1UP owes you a commission, because your post sealed a sale for them from me.
  5. Bed Top Tent Installed

    How is the visibility out the back while driving?
  6. How Was Your Maverick Christmas?

    Nothing for the Maverick, but I did get stuff for the bike. The Maverick will be put to more use hauling the bike to trailheads.
  7. DIY bike rack

    Get some drop handles for that bike.
  8. Got my build notification today. 1 year later.

    Lame, but sometimes the truth sucks. Thank you.
  9. Got my build notification today. 1 year later.

    So, I don't want the build I designed anymore. What are my options? Is it possible to save my spot but turn the truck over to another member?
  10. Exodux Rack (Bike & Boards)

    Any thoughts on this? Looks interesting, but the photos from the manufacturer leave too many unanswered questions.
  11. Saris MHS-2 bike rack

    Dang. Thats very heavy for two bikes.
  12. Easy Speakers Upgrade -- drop in and no existing modifications required

    ProTip: Empty the entire box and check for all contents before installing. I was wrong. This is plug and play. Not until I installed the 2nd woofer did I find all the plug and play adapters. Much easier that way.
  13. 🙋‍♂️ What did you do TO / WITH your Maverick today?

    Starting replacing the stock speakers
  14. Western Washington

    You are correct.
  15. Easy Speakers Upgrade -- drop in and no existing modifications required

    So I did my passenger side last night. Had to stop there; it was 10PM at that point and I didn't want to be that neighbor. Anyways, the woofer is drop in, plug and play. The tweeter is not plug and play. Darn near, sure, but not true plug and play. I had to cut the OEM connector, strip...
  16. Maverick named as a Top Project Car of 2033 [Donut Media]

    Huge Donut fans in my house. Great episode. I hope they're correct.
  17. First Wash and Ceramic Coat!

    Right? Seriously though, it looks great. How long did it take you?