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  1. Aug 2

    Ford just informed me that if my order is not scheduled until Aug 2 that it’ll be a 2023 model and dealer would send out an email with the new pricing. They also said that there would be a private offer for help with price difference. Order date was Oct 12 2021. I called Ford corporate
  2. Any Hybrids around on lot ?

    Let me know if you know of any coming in. Hybrids only
  3. Bought EB and Ordered a Hybrid

    These crazy times we live in now with the automotive world you bonkers with used car prices sky high i went ahead and bought a Maverick off the lot at msrp. I also ordered a Hybrid and when it comes it comes. I believe (i hope) Ill be able to sell my EB for a profit and then have my Hybrid that...
  4. Lux pack with no upgrade dash screen?

    I picked up my EB fwd lux package but the dash isn’t the big screen. Shouldn’t it be with the bigger screen with lux package?
  5. Oil catch can for 2.0 Maverick

    So with our EB engine that are Direct injected the injectors doesn’t clean the back of the intake valves. With that said I think the best thing is installing a oil catch can. Pretty straight forward but wondering if anyone makes one for this specific engine. Want a nice one that can be mounted...
  6. Unable to disable seat belt chime

    So I did what the book says to disable the seat belt chim but can’t get the seat belt dash sign to turn off so I can do the process. What gives??
  7. Maverick On The Lot ?

    Maybe worth a shot, anyone know or have a Maverick on lot ? looking to get into one asap.
  8. Hybrid Maverick MPG with 1000lbs cargo ?

    Hey, was wondering what would the mpg be if I carried a constant 1000 lbs in the bed. Hybrid truck city driving only
  9. Bed size / dimension / measurement ?

    Hi, I need the exact bed size with tailgate close from inside length in inches. Thank you
  10. Torn between ecoboost or Hybrid

    want to make the right decision for my particular need. I’m a pool guy and drive around all day carrying about 1,000 lbs daily. I love the hybrid as far as mpg but maybe won’t be as good for me because of the weight to power ratio? Maybe ecoboost with more power at the end would give me around...