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  1. 🤝 List of honest dealerships for Ford Maverick buyers

    (update) Spikes Ford Mission, TX The Maverick is my third truck from Spike's. (I have dealt with other dealers in this area over the years) notified me the day the truck arrived No "market adjustment" No "required" dealer accessories offered but no hard sell for an extended warranty no...
  2. Fog lights for Maverick ?

    Or "won't that void your warranty?"
  3. Annoying thing about the Maverick- bed length too short

    It looks like it fits just fine to me...
  4. 12v Battery Charging - Maverick Hybrid

    Thanks. I plan to test the inverter under load this weekend.
  5. News To Me About New Maverick Tires: Nitrogen

    An interesting article on nitrogen in tires: https://www.tirerack.com/upgrade-garage/should-i-use-nitrogen-in-my-tires#:~:text=Nitrogen is a gas and,change the laws of physics. In the conclusion: "Is it worth it? If you go someplace that provides free nitrogen with new tires, why not...
  6. 12v Battery Charging - Maverick Hybrid

    In the Hybrid, when a load is placed on the 12v battery such as an aftermarket 12v to 110v inverter: Is the 12v battery constantly charged with the key in the off position or does the key need to be in the accessory position or does it need to be in the on position? If it is the on position, do...
  7. News To Me About New Maverick Tires: Nitrogen

    According to reports: Tires with air: For every 10 degrees of temperature drop, tires will drop 1-2 pounds of pressure. Nitrogen is a gas and is still affected by changes in ambient temperature (about one psi for every 10° Fahrenheit). Nitrogen...can't change the laws of physics.
  8. Bed Liner Options

    Let us know of your impressions of the Durainer. Some pictures would be nice if you have the time.
  9. Look what Ford sent me

    And it may void your warranty..............
  10. News To Me About New Maverick Tires: Nitrogen

    And if someone went through all the steps to insure that the tires are 100% nitrogen filled you would still see no noticeable benefit.
  11. Hybrid Eco vs Normal vs Slippery modes - short distance

    I'm missing something. Why would running in ECO mode affect how the HVB lasts.
  12. Where is the special fuel funnel stored?

    I found mine in the glove box. Another post noted that he found it in a plastic bag with the bed wire, and antenna under rear seat This is how it probably how it comes from the factory. Therefore it could probably anywhere depending where the dealer put it during the final prep and PDI
  13. News To Me About New Maverick Tires: Nitrogen

    Testing conducted independently by Consumer Reports and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration shows that the benefits of nitrogen in vehicle tires is more theoretical than practical.
  14. Argentina ? Wow as if production wasn't behind enough

    The EcoBoost is already there. The new news is that they are going to start shipping Hybrids. Ford Maverick Hybrid Heading To Argentina (fordauthority.com)